Israeli Chief Rabbi (Ashkenazi): Rebuild Jewish Temple but Keep Muslim Shrines Too


Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi, David Lau, said the Jewish temple can be rebuilt on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount without moving any of the Muslim shrines there.

Speaking on the Knesset Channel Tuesday, Lau appeared to approve the idea of rebuilding the temple at the hotly contested site and said that there is enough room there for “Jews, Christians, Muslims, everyone,” the Times of Israel reported Thursday.

Since 1967, when the Temple Mount came under Israeli sovereignty (during the Six Day War of 1967), the chief rabbis have consistently ruled that Jews should not go there for fear they might inadvertently step over the place where the Ark of the Covenant was said to be stored in the first temple.

Temple Institute Crowdfunding to Train Cadre of Qualfied Priests:**

The Temple Institute will be opening the world’s first school for training Levitical Priests to serve in the Holy Temple this year in Jerusalem. The organization has run a number of pilot programs over the past few years and is now embarking on a mission to teach Kohanim all the practical skills required to serve in the coming Third Holy Temple . . .

Establishing a school to train Kohanim signifies a huge step towards the realization of the reestablishment of the Temple service which has been dormant for 2,000 years since the Romans destroyed the Second Holy Temple in 70 CE.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute, commented: “We are extremely excited to announce this new step towards the restoration of the Holy Temple service. We call first and foremost upon Kohanim worldwide to support this special project, which signifies a return of their birthright. We have chosen to use Indiegogo as a tool to enable as many people as possible to be a part of this historic initiative. The Temple service represents the purest connection between man and our Creator. One third of the Torah’s commandments pertain to the Holy Temple service and we have prayed for its return for thousands of years. In a time when the world is plagued with terror and uncertainty, we enter this project with full faith that one day the Holy Temple will finally be rebuilt and the priestly service reinstated, ushering in an unparalleled era of peace and harmony among all of mankind.”


The Temple Mount is administered by Jordanian and local Muslims in Jerusalem. I highly doubt that they would allow any such action.


It’s still Israeli soil.

Although some intense peacemaking would have to precede commencing with pickaxes and bricklayers, it’s not inconceivable.

May it be built speedily in our time!




The status quo of the administration of the Temple Mount has been in effect since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Any changes would have severe implications. Israel maintains control of the Western Wall which seems to be enough for them. While the Mount is “still Israeli soil,” the administration of the Mount is not in Israeli hands. Even the Chief Rabbis of Israel declare that everyone, and Jews in particular, are forbidden from entering the Mount according to the Torah. I seriously doubt any change in their opinion.


Yes! Build the Holy Temple! I pray that G-d will allow the Jewish people to rebuild the Temple speedily in our days. Of course, we as Christians already had the atonement of the sin by the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ. But the Law of G-d is eternal and He commanded us to build the Holy Temple right in the Temple Mount. And nevertheless, the Temple will still serve as a house of prayer for all people and remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ through daily sacrifices offered to the Heaven. It’s great that the Muslims can maybe get to keep their Dome of the Rock but I highly doubt the chance of 2 buildings co-existing in one tiny little place because I’m pretty sure the Holy Temple is pretty huge and it will cover up the entire Temple Mount. Don’t ignore the significance of the Holy Temple, for G-d’s holy presence dwells in the Holy Temple. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, pray that the Holy Temple will stand again in Jerusalem, so that we may all go up to the mountain of the L-rd and praise the G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

Link to the plan of the Third Temple from the Temple Institute:

“Many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the temple of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.” The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.” -Isaiah 2:3-


Are you seriously suggesting that you desire a return of burnt offerings to God?


They still occur in many places and faiths. Also sacrifice of animals still occurs in Judaism just not in the style or by the methods that would have taken place in the time of Christ. Opinion is divided on the legitimacy of the practice though it must be said.


Where does Judaism permit the sacrifice of animals as a religious rubric in the absence of the Holy Temple?



Look up Kapparot, the practice is one that causes a lot of dissent though and some Rabbis and others hold it is inspired by paganism and should be discontinued. Some hold it is not. As the old joke goes, ask two Jews a question like this and you will get three answers.


This is not an act of the Jewish people as a whole and is completely different from an organized national cult of sacrificing burnt offerings in the form of lambs, sheep and oxen.


True, it is not practised by all Jews but should the Jewish people resume burnt offering it would not trouble me immensely or to any great degree.


That’s a very strange thing to say. As Catholics, our faith tells us that the sacrifice of Christ is what redeems us and all of mankind, not the burnt entrails of an animal. While I won’t go so far as to deem it “pagan,” it is a through back to ancient times that does not fit in the modern world. I would be aghast if I knew anyone who stated that they arranged for the sacrifice of an animal.


As strange as it seems to our Hallmark culture, the fact is that the sacrificial liturgy is a required part of the Jewish faith, and one that they have mourned every year since the Holy Temple was destroyed.

Should it be reinstated, I’d imagine fortunes to be made arranging for sacrifices to be performed on behalf of Jews living overseas from Jerusalem.



Isn’t the Dome of the Rock built over the sight believed to be where Abraham offered Isaac to God? I would think that might be an impediment.


Its been nearly 2,000 years since burnt offerings were made in the Temple. Add to that the fact that a large percentage of Jewish people are either atheist at worst or a form of agnostic at best, I fail to see how a first world nation could go back to an ancient practice normally associated with pagan cultures. Like it or not, our sensibilities are different now. Bob Dylan kind of sums it up succinctly:

God said to Abraham, “kill me a son.”
Abe said, “man, you must be putting me on!”


The truth is that no one is sure exactly where the Temple and, especially, the Holy of Holies stood. All Jews are still morally prohibited from entering the Temple Mount for fear that they may tread where the Holy of Holies stood. It is still considered to be sanctified ground.
Undoubtably, the Dome of the Rock would have to go.


Yes of course! Of course as Christians, we want/desire the return of burnt offerings to G-d! G-d commanded us to bring the daily burnt offering in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem for all eternity. Just in case if you don’t know, the Book of Revelation and prophet Ezekiel talks about how there will be a Temple standing in New Jerusalem after the second coming of Christ in the future. It also talks about how there will be daily burnt offering in that Temple in heaven. If it is so above, why not also here below? Of course, the atonement of sins has been completed once and for all. But the purpose of the daily offering today is to:
1) Serving a a memorial for Christ’s perfect sacrifice
2) Carrying out G-d’s eternal commandment which commands us to bring an offering.
G-d is the same yesterday, today, and for all eternity. As G-d commanded us to build the Temple yesterday, we need the Temple today, where G-d’s presence LITERALLY dwells.

““If his offering is a burnt offering from the herd, he shall offer a male without blemish. He shall bring it to the entrance of the tent of meeting, that he may be accepted before the Lord.” -Leviticus 1:3-


As Catholics, we certainly do not desire such a thing. The sacrifice of the Mass is sufficient for salvation, not the burning of animals. If God is satisfied with the sacrifice of His own Son, then what use would He have of burnt offerings?


Ive heard the property sharing arrangement theory mentioned here and there. I think its very possible it will happen.


Of course, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the final sacrifice that has redeemed us. The sacrifice in the Holy Temple is now merely symbolic which is no longer valid in terms of salvation. But now the thing is that the fact that the burnt sacrifices are symbolic is the key point. The daily sacrifice still acts as a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice. Whenever we look at the daily sacrifice done at the Holy Temple, we are to remember the crucifixion of G-d’s one and only son, our L-rd, Jesus Christ. What use would He have of burnt offerings? Well, ask yourself why G-d decided to continue the sacrifice in the Temple in Heaven in the future? The saints of the early days still went to the Temple regularly. They never went around stopping people from entering the Temple just because of Christ’s sacrifice. They acknowledged the importance of the Holy Temple and gathered there daily, for it is the house of prayer for all people, of all nations, for all eternity. :slight_smile:

“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,” -Acts 2:46-

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