Israeli - Palestinian 2 state solution

Jews, Muslims, your opinion?

Christians, what is your opinion?

From the begining of humanity there was always conflicts and wars in the holy land.

and frankly i don’t see how this conflict will be resolved without devine intervention.

God bless

… which is precisely why it has not been resolved. Conflicts aren’t resolved by people lying on their couch saying “this cannot be resolved”.

A two-state solution seems to be the only decent solution, and if Israel would just stop it’s colonization, things will improve. It would also help to unlock the doors of the giant prison which is Gaza.

Palestine should have been a sovereign state long ago.

And it needs access to the sea.

considering the idea in Islam that all lands belong to them and all should be subservient to Islam, or killed, I don’t see any peace in sight until the Muslims change their religion. And that happening is about 0% chance of happening.

So, they have to be given consequences if they keep up their violent aggressions against Israel.

While Israel absorbs the Jews that are persecuted in Islamic lands, it is ironic that the Muslims cannot absorb the Arabs who are called Palestinians. They fully expect that the Israelis should take them in, treat them nicely, when the reverse is not being done.

And the birth rates of Muslims is quadrupled, and even more, than the Israelis so if they were to take them into their lands they would be outvoted, infiltrated fully into their institutions within a matter of months. Since the first thing the Muslim world would do would be to move their behinds into Israel.

Basically all these excuses for the Muslim’s violence is just excuses. It has nothing to do with land, ‘oppression’ or ‘aggression’ (unless we are talking of the Muslim oppression and aggression!), etc - it all has to do with them thinking that the Jews should be dead and driven to the sea. Or accept subjugation.

How many more peace treaties/cease fires is Israel going to have to make with the Muslims before they realize that they won’t keep them past one day?!??! (it is called ‘hudna’ they are told NOT to keep one and break them as soon as possible until they are killed or subdued)

I think we all need to wake up, and start telling the Muslims to stop their junk and give them consequences for their poor behavior. If they want to blame it all on Allah and Islam - then so be it - then we can stop giving them any money and losing our men over battles to free more Muslims from thugs such as Saddam, the Taliban, etc!

The Arabs called Palestinians have been given so much money that there is no reason why they cannot make a state right now. They certainly seem to get weapons, but cannot get anything else! Only fools would believe that these Arabs called Palestinians are in need. And Israel does give them stuff - while the opposite is not true and they are repaid by having stones thrown at them, suicide bombers aiming for their unarmed civilians, and bombs being lobbed into their lands on a daily basis.

And we focus only in on Israel while Muslims in so many other areas are slaughtering Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, etc. This should tell us that there is something more than just the Palestinians and their continual wailing and whining because they think they should kick all the Jews out of Israel! Because that is what will happen if they do get access to Israel.

If anyone thinks this will stop if they get the West Bank, or Jerusalem, or the Golan Heights, is just fooling themselves and not paying attention to their own Islamic texts, the history of jihad since Muhammed’s time and ongoing to our time.

the Facts about Israel

I don’t like the idea of a two state solution. There should be only 1 representative government with equal opportunity for all Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The problem in my opinion is that Muslim Palestinians out number the Jews if you include the Palestinians who have left the country in the 60s are not allowed to return. If a single representative government was in effect, the jews could see themselves as a minority, essentially undermining 60 years of effort.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so the alternative is a 2 state solution. However, they have to stop building jewish settlements on Palestinian territories if that is the solution.

we can’t have it both ways and I’m glad to see Obama and Hillary are not compromising on this issue.

You conveniently forget that many of the Arab speaking residents of both Israel and Palestine are Christians.

He also seems to forget that a huge chunk of Palestinians are trapped in Gaza.

No, I didn’t. They don’t have the power, or are not helping out a situation of permanent peace, keeping cease fires/treaties, etc. And that is due to the fact they have no power. In fact, if you look at what rules in the Gaza - the Christians have no power to do anything. And in Israel that is pretty much the same situation.

I would rather live in Israel than with the Muslims in the ME due to Sharia laws.

There have been many articles about the Christian persecution in the Gaza, and other Muslim countries and have grown worse since last year. Put in a google search ‘christian persecution gaza’ and also for Iraq and you can read them for yourself.

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