Israeli police bust "Messianic" sex trade ring


Israeli police say they have broken a prostitution ring where Jewish women were brainwashed into having sex with non-Jewish men as a path to religious redemption.

The affair was brought to the attention of police by Lehava, an extremist Israeli group which fights against intermarriage.

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Your thoughts? How do the Orthodox Jews and Messianic Jews differ on sexuality ?


This is nothing to do with religion. Some man with an evil criminal plan did it in a disguise of religion, bit the fact that manure is covered with sheets and pillows doesn’t make it a bed.


Pretty much this. I’d lay heavy odds that the men who did this don’t believe a word of what they said. They just figured that calling it “religion” would make their victims more compliant.


This is just weird! I wonder how many were arrested and how many victims there were?

I couldn’t understand what they meant by “messianic” sex ring.
Now I understand. I guess it didn’t occur to them they could just convert.

Were these men really christian or just posing as christians?


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