Israelis destroy hamas tunnels in gaza offensive



The hunter around the world is causing mayhem in loads of Countries, its about time the hunter got a dose of its own medicine, take your own medicine, see how it feels.

It would not have started in the first place if those three teenage boys had not been kidnapped and killed, so they sent out the message we want to fight with you, except these boys will take you on, Israeli soldiers are not spineless.


I’m not a fan of war, but I support Israel. I think that they need to do what is necessary to not get attacked.

I think it’s unmanly that these Palestinians causing problems place their danger in neighborhoods, causing innocent people to get caught up in the cross fire.


I am not so sure about that. The stage was already in place, with Hamas vastly improved arsenal, increasing use of its rockets, and an economic situation which needed relief (either real or symbolic.) This is a fight which Hamas wanted.

Israel’s response to the kidnapping might have helped catalyze the conflict. But I think it would have happened in the coming months, regardless.

As for the tunnels, Israel has good reason to be wary of them.

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