Israel's "abortion expansion" (National Catholic Register)


Since the Register is a good news source, I thought this was both disturbing and sad:

Thoughts, anyone? :frowning:


The silence of certain politocians is deafening. :mad:


According to Jewish law, abortion is a last resort, never a first. It should certainly not be expanded.


It is very sad to see so much innocent Jewish blood spilled in the world without hardly a whimper from Jewish people (and non-Jewish people).

Likewise it is sad to see so much innocent non-Jewish blood spilled in the world without hardly a whimper from non-Jewish people (and Jewish people).

May God forgive us.


Well said. :thumbsup:

I think this has to do more with the infiltration of secular values than with authentic Judaism. While the article itself brings it out, some of the comments below it are best left unmentioned.


Sadly, the great majority of Jews in Israel, just as in the US, are secular and not at all religious. One does not have to be a person of faith to oppose abortion of children but there certainly seems to be a connection.


We must pray for His chosen people as we must pray for ourselves in the evil of our laws. We should all say a rosary of thanks to the Lord for His welcoming arms comforting these little ones rejected by those that should love them the most. Sad reading!


I am not sure that is true. According to the 2010 census, a plurality of Israeli Jews identify themselves as secular, but the number of persons who identify as religious is not so far back.

*The Central Bureau of Statistics report published Sunday reveals that 8% of Israel’s Jewish population defines itself as haredi, 12% as religious, 13% as traditional-religious, 25% as traditional and 42% as secular, on a descending scale of religiosity. *,7340,L-3890330,00.html

I think the situation in Israel is more complicated than in the US. I know absolutely nothing about this topic, so I will quote from an article, written six weeks ago, titled** Israel’s Secular-Religious Abortion Compromise**:

*[A]bortion is a topic which remains persistently undebated in Israel.

In many ways it’s surprising that this has not become the touchstone issue in Israel that is has in America. Both countries see an ongoing culture war between secular liberalism and religion; Israel, in addition, has an emotional investment in the production of Jewish children, a legacy of both the Holocaust and underlying demographic paranoia.*

*One reason is that Jewish law is more nuanced on the subject of abortion than the Christian doctrine which holds that life begins at the moment of conception. For the early Jewish sages, during the first 40 days of gestation, the fetus was nothing more than “mere fluid.” A fetus only truly became a person, with all the attendant rights that brings, at birth.

Even now, the most stringent interpretation of halakha will still deem abortion permissible in order to save the mother from serious harm or death.

That’s not to say that the Jewish establishment is supportive of a woman’s right to choose. The chief rabbinate is explicitly opposed to abortion, and indeed it remains illegal in Israel, at least in theory, with a potential penalty of five years in prison.

Terminations first need to be approved by a special committee of two doctors and a social worker, which must include at least one woman, and fulfill a set of criteria. In practice, these committees approve virtually every case they deal with, and private doctors who carry out the procedures outside the state system are never prosecuted.*


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