Issues between mom and dad


I am a 14 year old young teenager. My parents are not married and constantly get into arguments. My dad says that he regretted meeting my mom. He says that he rather go back to his original girlfriend. After a couple years passed, God All-Mighty has given me a blessing of siblings. 3 in total (2 boys and 1 girl). Often times I get depressed and sad when my mom says what she could have done in her life that God punished her by giving her children. The arguments get worse and worse. My dad talks about moving out. Thinking on this topic, I might as well have to work because I have experience. I worked in landscaping alongside my dad at a early age (6). My back is in constant pain. I do not have the body of other teenagers. I have the body of an adult. What can I do in my life to solve all of these issues? Please help!


First, realize that non of this reflects on you.
Find a way to take this to your priest for help in understanding the situation and advice to you.


This is a duplicate thread. You already have a thread about this same topic.


I answered on your other thread, but to add, or emphasize…these problems are not your problems!
Your parents were very, very wrong to air their grievances to you! And, if your father does leave, he’s still responsible for you, and your siblings!

But, everyone makes mistakes, and your parents made a huge one, in telling you their problems…what is going on is not-your-fault!

Pray for your parents, but don’t think anything they’re going through is your fault, because it isn’t. You and your siblings have done nothing wrong here…your parents have aired their problems, inappropriately, to the very persons they should be trying to protect, help, love, their children!

Try and speak to a priest or counselor. And try not to worry. I’ll pray for you, and I’m sure others here will, too!
God Bless you and your siblings!




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