Issues concerning home-educating high schoolers

I’m interested in knowing (from people who are home educating high schoolers) what the benefits and drawbacks are. I would also be thrilled to hear from teens who are being homeschooled.

There is a user group here on CAF of home educated teens. might want to check them out.

The benefits that mean the most to me as a homeschooling mom:

  1. My kids are really having a very relaxed and wholesome teenhood–no pressure to date, dress immodestly, drink or do drugs, curse, or “be cool” at the expense of their individuality.

  2. They are well catechized.

  3. They have such cool friends and do such neat things both socially and service oriented.

  4. I get to have numerous conversations with them everyday. I like being with them.

  5. I like to be with families of other homeschoolers. I feel both supported and encouraged and also challenged by the example of these other families.

  6. Our schedule is so flexible. It makes for a more relaxed life.

  7. They have more time to read and hang out with their siblings. They are very close to their little brothers and sisters.

The drawbacks that mean the most to me:

  1. sometimes it’s frustrating cracking the whip. I sometimes get tired of being the “boss.”

  2. they have less opportunities to do competitive sports and drama. There are avenues, but they take more effort and money.

  3. I have to figure out things that normally the school would figure out for me: PSAT and SAT tests, curriculum, etc. It’s not too hard, but…

that’s all I can think of…

I guess that this depends on where you live. We homeschool our children, and they all play in the band (no cost) and are on sports teams (minimal entry fee) at the public school. Our local public school district allows homeschoolers to participate in all co-curricular activities (sports, drama, etc), and up to 2 classes per term (band, choir, science, etc. - for free). Check with your local district office, or check their website.

Great list, Leonie!

A major benefit I’d like to add is that our entire family attends Mass together every day (we need all of the sacramental graces we can get!). If we didn’t have the flexible schedule of homeschooling, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Leonie. It sounds good to me, but I worry that it might be impossible to find the close friends for my teen… I guess you can’t know that until you do it.

I was NOT homeschooled, but I know several people who where.

Setting aside my own “issues” with it (nothing severe, but I do have questions about it) I do have some observations-

  1. The other poster was dead on accurate about sometimes not being able to particpate in extra cirrcular activites. That’s an important outlet, in particular in high school. Drama, Model UN, Chess club—

2.Being “smothered”-some home schoolers I know complain about being smothered by their family and not getting any out of home time. Some kids I know that where homeschooled almost go crazy with cabin fever!

  1. It CAN lead to rebelillion in college/after high school. This is a CAN, not a WILL. Some home schooled kids I know really rebelled college. We all did, of course, but they took it to a higher level. I know that not every home school kid does this.

  2. Social awarkedness. Some home schoolers lead a way to sheltered life. Not saying anything, but you can tell sometimes whose been home schooled and who hasn’t .

These are just some thoughts. Again, I know not every home schooled kid will think this way or act this way.

you know, I’ve seen posts on CAF that have mentioned socially awkward hs teens and reported rebellious College students who were hsed. But, I’ve never met any that fit this category. huh. weird. And, I know so many. You would think I’d have met a few like this…:rolleyes:

I was homeschooled the last two years of high school, and it was great. I actually planned most of my curriculum myself. I corrected my own work from the backs of the books, I figured out when I was going to take the SAT, I researched scholarships, I picked out extracurriculars for myself … my mom just had to read all the essays I wrote, record my grades, and drive me places until I got my license.

I think it was great in letting me take responsibility for my own education. I admit I didn’t have much of a social life during those years, but I think it’s mainly because of my own choices and not because it had to be that way.

The last year, I took several courses at the community college. We had a program (Head Start, I think it was called) whereby you could go to college while still in high school. I had to do it through the school district.

I think that at HS level a student should be able to participate in their education and what they want out of it.

I think some teens are generally better off in HS at a public or private school and should be allowed to investigate that choice. If a student is pushing for it then I’d make them do work in the summer…1.5 months…enough to cover the time you’d allow them to go to a public/private highschool…IF they want that option.

I know several homeschooled kids who would of done MUCH better in traditional schooling and I know several kids who were homeschooled and then put in traditional schools and regretted every moment of it. It really depends on the kid.

Some kids really aren’t affected by the messages of school and some needs the room to grow.

And not all Homeschool kids are saints. Not too long ago a life-long homeschool eagle scout and his two friends (who’d been homeschooled through highschool) randomlly broke into someone’s house and killed a woman in cold blood in front of her little daughter. The woman was an amazing nurse, community contributer and her husband was in Iraq fighting for the country. Talk about horrible and gruesome :eek:

I have met many homeschool adults in my travels. The only sucessful ones I know are ones who’s parents did what was BEST and not just did things becuase they were being counter-cultural. Most had a blend of public, private and homeschool…not just homeschool.

Thank you for this helpful post!

Really good points… Can’t believe it about the murder!

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