It appears that the churches in England and Wales are to be closed again from Thursday 5th November 2020

“It appears that the churches in England and Wales are to be closed again from Thursday 5th November 2020”

I am rather confused here actually. Why should the Government pay any attention to the Church this time round when she asked for the closure of her buildings during Lockdown 1?!
" Despite legal exemption, UK bishops close church buildings in response to coronavirus"

Much as I dislike Mr Johnson, I suspect that there is no correlation between his being a terrible prime minister and his being an adulterer. Adulterers have in fact been rare among British prime ministers. Within recent history, the only ones I can think of are John Major and Anthony Eden, neither of whom committed adultery while in office. Major was an average prime minister, although he has enjoyed a much better reputation since leaving office. Although Eden’s brief period as prime minister is generally reckoned to have been a disaster, he is considered to have been much better as a foreign secretary. Among the most notorious adulterers in recent British political history, one would have to include Robin Cook and Paddy Ashdown, two of the most talented politicians of their generation, liked and admired by people on all sides. Famous adulterers in recent American history include FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, and Trump. Some of those were good presidents; one or two could be described as great.

Or perhaps they are now regretting following the advice of Jim McManus who advised them the first time around, despite his “interesting” background !

Actually if you read the reporting it was Jim McManus who challenged the need for churches to close this time based on evidence of lack of infection since they reopened. Far from regretting their advice it looks like McManus has been proved right - the precautions he helped the bishops put in place have protected people.

I have actually read much about Jim McManus and his various activities in various fields. It is all available with a quick search!! lol

Yep and so have I. Whatever. None of that detracts from the fact he’s been proved right here. And the fact all you can do is resort to that kind of remark ratherbthan engage with the substance of his argument adds to his credibility. This guy is taken seriously by public Health experts across the country. And theres a reason for that.

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