" "It Defies Logic": Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data" "

“It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data


It seems that every rando on the internet has a theory on why Trump lost instead of more people voted for Biden.


The media can make whatever claims they want, but the facts remain.
No one has won or lost anything until the electoral votes are cast and counted and the states certified.

I don’t want to flood the board with these stories, there almost should be one big fraud thread BUT… on the other hand, some stories are very major. I don’t consider this a real major story at this point (until confirmed) but it certainly deserves to be known by those interested:

Lindsey Graham: Possible ballot harvesting in Pennsylvania involving 25,000 nursing home residents

By Daniel Chaitin
November 10, 2020 - 6:30 AM

Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Monday he has learned about potential ballot harvesting in Pennsylvania nursing homes.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed that there were up to 25,000 cases that are being looked at as Pennsylvania remains a state President Trump’s team hopes to turn its way after major media outlets called it for his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, giving him enough electoral votes to secure the presidency.

“I’ve got more information. We’re now finding potentially that 25,000 nursing home residents in different nursing homes requested mail-in ballots at the exact same time,” the South Carolina Republican said on Fox News.


Also, again, RCP (compilation? or their own projection) now has Biden under 270.

Now, the election is not called for Biden. We could see other states go this way as well.

zerohedge is a joke of a site. it used to be a somewhat reliable site for stock market in-site back in the day but as the markets continued to rise during Obama years, it started it’s journey down the rabbit hole. (It generally had a bearish slant.) Now it’s full on Trumpian dystopia click bait site. Sad, really. But they need to pay the bills and we all know this conspiracy stuff sells.

Remember 2016? Trump said there were all sorts of voter fraud. He said he obviously won the popular vote. He formed a Presidential Commission.

They. found. nothing.

This is just more of the same. By all appearances, Trump has lost.

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