It happened again!

This is a funny story, I think.

Back in college in San Diego in the early 90’s, I was introduced to Renee Bondi, who’s a Catholic musician who’s quadriplegic and goes around the country with her testimony/concert (

My friend, Kirsten,–her family was friends with this singer and her family. Kirsten told me a bit of her testimony and gave me a CD, which has songs like “Be Not Afraid” and “You Are Near”.

I’m a country-music fan, and I had purchased a CD by Mary Chapin Carpenter that has a song on it called “Why Walk When You Can Fly”. I took the CD over to Kirsten and played the song to her.

I said, “Doesn’t this sound like a song that Renee would do!!!” and she said, “Well sort of, but…” She wasn’t convinced like I was.

Renee came to our campus to give her testimony/concert, and was selling her CDs. She had a 2nd CD out and I bought it. Guess what song was on the CD? Yep, “Why Walk When You Can Fly”. You should have seen her face!

Well it kind of happened again this past weekend!

We have a priest here in Tucson who sings–he’s got two CD’s out already that raises money for his ministry. ( He gave a Lenten Retreat at my Parish this past weekend and the theme was on Forgiveness.

In the middle of one of his talks, the song by Michael W. Smith came to my head–the song “Healing Rain”.

After his talk, I went up to Fr. Joe, and said, "You know, in the middle of your talk, a song came into my mind…have you heard of Michael W. Smith’s “Healing Rain”.

He said, “As a matter of fact, yes. In fact I’m planning on doing it on my next CD…”

I’m still in shock over it–because I also like Christian music and Michael W. Smith is my favorite Christian artist. Fr. Joe said he’d be tweaking the song a little, but assured me that I would like it (he knows what a fan of Michael I am).

Hope you’re having a good day!


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