It Has Been Almost Four Years Since God, through Catholic Answers, Drew Me to His One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church


This March will make four years since I stumbled upon this forum accidentally by searching for “Christian Goth”. At that time I was attending a liberal Christian Church, having left my evangelical church many years before.

Never did I expect that God would use this vehicle to draw me to him.

When I started reading the posts, the Lord used my natural curiosity to inspire me to ask questions and questions I asked. I debated and argued. I started so many posts I’m sure I got on everyone’s nerves. But I learned and pondered and devoured every book that you all recommended to me, and within a month I realized I wanted to convert.

I lamented about not being able to receive communion and I posted about my first time.

Last year I made my three-year, temporary profession as a Lay Dominican.

Some of you may vaguely remember me.

God has been good and it all started here.

Thank you good folk and God bless you!



Thanks for the update. Glad you are still going strong.



Glad to hear!


Thanks! Still going strong through the Grace of God!

I do yearn for that “first love” I had when I was going through conversion though!


Ha ha. Just realized my 9,958 posts are testimony to how much time I spent on here in the early days.


Glad to see that you’re posting again. What, if I may ask, is your lay Dominican group like? Is it very traditional? I have an interest in Dominican spirituality.


All too often it seems like we Catholics fight a losing battle, especially with all of the heresy in the secular world. Jesus said that Hell would never overcome His Church, and he wasn’t kidding! Hearing stories like this reaffirm my faith in apologetics and evangelization. Let’s all continue to pray for Christian unity, and although slightly belated, welcome home!:thumbsup: :signofcross:


Good to hear from you again.

May God continue to bless you in your endeavors.


Hey Denise!

My particular group is orthodox. The Province of St Joseph is orthodox and there are a lot of good things happening especially with the younger seminarians. Please feel free to PM me.


Hi Provobis! Still a Latin master?


Amen. We have to trust that the gates of hell will not prevail.


Thanks, I’ll send you a PM. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing! That reminds us to always be prayerfully patient with others who have a lot of questions.

Remember that feelings come and go, as long as we are focused on our Lord and committed to His will, that is what counts!

Blessings to you in the Lay Dominican order! There is one in my area, and a few years ago they gave a wonderful presentation on the Mass, and the Rosary. It was open to the public and I was able to attend.
I told them they certainly are the Order of Preachers!


Dorothy (Third Order Lay Carmelite)


:smiley: Are you kidding? It’s hard work at my age. :slight_smile:

But I manage to make it through the Epistles and Gospels. :thumbsup:


Uh, will there be cake?!? Could you kindly put GERARD on your prayer network list? I have issues and projects, to summarize. And Carmelite neeeeeeeds. Thanks!
God’s every blessing on you and yours! Thanks be to God!


Ha ha. No cake. I will certainly pray for you, Jerurussia!

Indeed! Hi Dorothy!


Wow, great to hear, congratulations and God bless.


That is a wonderful story and we are overjoyed at you good fortune and that C.A. was of help.

God Bless


Hey TL! Great to see you still kicking about. I’m incredibly glad that you have found for yourself a solid group of Dominicans to grow with.



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