It Hit Me Today....I Need A New Job!


For nearly the past 20 years I’ve worked as a Claims Analysts (which is a fancy term for a medical claims processor). The health insurance industry has gone through many changes and mergers, and my job has followed along with those changes.

For the past 4 years I’ve been working for a small local non-profit HMO that administers our state’s Medicaid health insurance in the county. I have enjoyed working there for most of those years; the people are friendly, hard working, knowledgeable, and there is a sense of community as part of the company’s corporate culture.

Because our state mandates “Freedom of Choice” for OB/Gyn services, my desks has seen many claims for abortions. One of our contracted providers is Planned Parenthood. Since my reconversion back to the Faith over 3 years ago, I get more and more uneasy whenever I have to pay on those claims. I can’t not-pay them for it is part of my job, and I realize that I really can’t approach upper management and request that we no longer honor contracts with them because whether or not we have a contract with them or not, the state requires the company to pay the claims if we want to continue being one of their administrators. I always pray for the woman and baby whenever I get these claims.

Despite my unease with the abortion claims, I haven’t really thought about leaving because the pay is good, and the company is only a short distance away from my home, which helps me save on gas, especially in these economic times. Today, though, it hit me that maybe I should start looking for another job…and here’s why…

The head of operations for our company is very keen on communicating with the employees about many concerns, which is nice. Lately, though, this person has started promoting the book and movie “The Secret.” This person is a firm believer in this book, and her communications are starting to resonate with quotes and philosophies from it, especially the communicae that we got today. I was highly offended that someone of this person’s stature in the company would blatantly promote a book that echoes New Age-type beliefs. If only this person knew what an offense it was to Christianity!

There are other issues that are making me consider leaving this company, but mainly, after being there for 4 years, I’m seeing more and more of the type of person our head of operations is - and it’s not very becoming.

Am I over-reacting? Do I stay at a job where I know I’ll be subjected to this obvious promotion of a book/DVD that can possibly be detrimental to the eternal life of a soul? Or should I continue to stay and try to ignore this?

I don’t want to be a claims processor forever…I’m currently in my last year of college for my bachelor’s degree and my goal is to someday serve in one capacity or another in the Church. I just hate knowing what my co-workers and I are being subjected to, and I’m not sure if I should continue being tolerant to all of it.

Thanks for any insight…and God Bless!


Perhaps God has presented you with the opportunity to share your beliefs with this person and help save them. I don’t think we should turn and run when faced with religious adversity. Quite the opposite, I think we should stand and fight. Not literally, of course, but spiritually.

On a non-spiritual note. Can you afford to just leave? Would it be financially, mentally, physically feasable to switch jobs so close to completing college and persuing a career inside the Church?


Hi Pira114!

I know there’s a reason why I’m with this company, at this particular time, with the co-workers I’m surrounded with. Because of the nature of the company and our location, over half of the employees are Catholic, though many are fallen-away; the head of operations being one of them (and telling some not-so-flattering stories about her behaviors that did not conform to Church teachings). Though I know her intent is to project the helpful nature of our company onto herself and the employees, and to try and convey a goodness about her, some of us take her actions with cynicism. I think it’s also our perception of her that in a way, she’s made herself seem infallible and unapproachable. There really aren’t many opportunities for us to engage in frequent one-on-one contact with her.

I do associate with some of the more devout Catholics at work, and we often times share our faith with each other. I’ve often times thought about starting a Rosary/Angelus prayer group that would be conducted during our breaks off-site with these Catholics. Anti-Catholicism doesn’t really exist in my workplace…except of the sublime one that exists with our head of operations.

I don’t think I can just leave the job right now, due to the factors you mentioned. It’s kinda startling to me that I’m actually thinking about leaving at this point in time. I figured that I would hang in here for another year until I graduate. Unfortunately, there are those, especially in my department, that have taken on our head of operations’ suggestion of reading this book, and they have not been quiet in their praises for it.


I don’t know anything about this book. But when others praise it, could you say something like," Too bad it’s so __________." (Fill in the blank: anti-Catholic, New agey, whatever.) Maybe you can get others to re-evaluate it. At the very least, you will be standing up for your beliefs.



I think it’s time to make a move.


It’s completely inappropriate for a supervisor to be promoting her religious beliefs, whatever they might be, to her employees.
If she’s doing it in official memos or communications, you could register an objection. If she’s doing it by indirection, as in quoting generic comments from the book, it’s a little more hard to fight.

But imagine what would happen if a supervisor started quoting the Bible in her memos. If it happened where I work, it would be stopped immediately and probably merit a reprimand. Everyone knows not to put anything like that in print.
I would just send her an email or note back, saying politely that you feel that the promotion of any individual’s religious beliefs is not appropriate in business communications. (She probably doesn’t think of it as a religion, but since it’s in opposition to Christian beliefs, it clearly is.)
Then I would consider starting my search for another job, because the part about paying claims to Planned Parenthood would really bother me. As a social worker I authorized an abortion years ago, and still regret having done so. But you might want to discuss it with your priest.
Or perhaps you could ask to have those particular claims assigned to another adjuster.
God bless.


Pray, and then hold on. I jokingly like to use the phrase ‘Be careful what you pray for’. I had a couple jobs that I really enjoyed and did well. I was laid-off from both. After the second lay-off I was working part-time for a friend. One Sunday I am reading the church bulletin and notice both the DRE and YM positions were opened. I had been volunteering in the Rel Ed dept for about 5 years. My immediate thought was, “God don’t let the church call me about these positions.” I did not feel I could leave my friend in a lurch like that.

The next day my friend let me go. I immediately faxed my resume over to the church and within a couple days, the my Pastor was asking me which job I wanted. That was five years ago.

God does send us signals. For some of us that signal has to be very loud.


Don’t just up and leave, esp. if you have other people to support.

Pray about it, of course. But you could start making plans, do up your resume, etc. Give yourself a deadline, and if you haven’t found anything by then, figure out why and keep trying. And if you like your comany, but not your job at your company, don’t be afraid to apply for other positions through internal applications.

I have found two books by the same author helpful:

48 Day To The Job You Love and No More Mondays by Dan Miller.


Hi there Tonks40,

Sounds like quite a predicament. I think this is more of a shade of grey.

Here’s a few things I can think of off the top of my head:

By the time you get the claim, the deed has already taken place. It’s not that you are paying for the abortion out of your pocket, or performing the abortion itself, or having the procedure performed on your body.

Also, consider, that if you or your company doesn’t pay the claim, someone else will. Planned Parenthood would still like to be paid for the services rendered, somehow.

I’d also consider updating your resume and cover letter and sending it out to potentially find a new job, or at a minimum, a different job in your company.

How badly do you need this job?

Lastly, on a similar subject, take a look at this blog posting by Jimmy Akin:

Selling Bad Stuff


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