It is illegal to distribute pornography in China

Chinese authorities have shut down more than 1,000 Internet sites and detained 41 people as part of a crackdown on pornography and lewd content.

The deputy director of the State Council’s (Information Office) Internet Affairs Bureau said Friday that 1,250 sites have been closed since the campaign began on January 5.

The deputy, Liu Zhengrong, said the sole aim of the campaign is to create a clean Internet environment for children.

It is illegal to distribute pornography in China…

Safe for children? Bah. China censors the Internet its people get. Remember the controverseies over YouTube and over the Tienanmen Square? This is the same thing, all in the name of “protecting the people.” Such is the fruit of Communism. Let us pray for the people and nation of China.

Whatever censorship does go on, this at least is an excellent thing and I applaud them. Pornography is a grave evil and they are right to make it illegal.

This is freedom being spat at in the face.

Freedom is slavery…

I’ll not defend China, but I will criticize the US. Our inability to stop the unfettered spread of pornography is a failure of moral fortitude, a failure of our morality, a failure of character, a failure that destroys men, women, children, and families. Don’t use the excuse of “This is freedom being spat at in the face” for our failure.

China has some problems, but the fact it criminalizes pornography is not one of them.

China also limits information about the Tiananmen Square Massacre online.

This is simply another way of them kicking dirt in the face of their people. An adult is mature enough to decide if they want to look at porn or not, no government should EVER tell ANYBODY what they can see or read or hear!

… or the excuse “no government should EVER tell ANYBODY what they can see or read or hear!” This is simply moral failure and moral cowardice in its most insidious form.

No personal insult is intended, Hobble.

Why not ban ‘false’ religions while we’re at it.

How about an adult looking at child porn, is that OK? Not in my book. We have all kinds of restrictive laws for the good of society. I am far from a supported of Red China but in this case I don’t think they are wrong but I can see how the law could be used to restrict valid internet access.

But that’s because it is illegal to have intercourse with a minor.

The freedom itself isn’t limited, the only way it is limited is if it is used to commit an illegal act. Viewing child pornography isn’t illegal because it’s pornography, it’s illegal because it’s a child.

What if it is only photos or videos of nude children? What if it is only simulated sex acts? Would it still be wrong?

The freedom itself isn’t limited, the only way it is limited is if it is used to commit an illegal act. Viewing child pornography isn’t illegal because it’s pornography, it’s illegal because it’s a child.

What if it wasn’t illegal? I mean, can’t the same argument be made regarding pornography in general? Couldn’t you now say that pornography is wrong because it is illegal?



China has at least one thing right

There is nothing moral about taking away the free will of others.

This has nothing to do with free will. This has to do with law. One may use their free will to commit murder, but if caught, will be punished. I don’t think that you would consider laws against murder to be amoral.



I am not talking their free will. They can still do what they want, but they must suffer the consequences of harming others.

Pornography is one of the most destructive practices in our society today. It destroys the health and morals, and dehumanizes those who participate in it. It insidiously, slowly destroys the families of the people who watch it. It demonically distorts the meaning of sex. It seriously endangers our children.

And you tell me there is nothing we, as a society, can do nothing to stop it? … because we might injure someones free will? Are we to give Satan free reign over our families, simply because someone may get their knickers in a twist because his freedom to use others may get restricted?

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart may have said, when trying to define the elusive concept of pornography, “I can’t define it, but I know when I see it,” but his response should have added, “and with God’s help, we will stop it.” If we know what it is when we see it, we can restrict it.

And if Hugh Hefner or Larry Flint lose a little money, because their audience drys up, because no one really reads their insipid drivel without a naked woman on the facing page anyway, who really cares?

I think the porn industry is is as vile as the abortion industry or close to it. The girls in the porn industry don’t get treated with respect at all.I mean, I can cite examples, but won’t bc of the nature of this forum. If people knew how vile the porn industry is there would be more outrage over it.

You think lust as bad as the killing of 3,000 infants a day?

Where do you think many of those 3,000 infants a day come from?

Abortion, pornography, divorce, single parent families, no parent families, contraception, widespread welfare, all are a by-product of lust and an abuse of God’s creative creation (sex).

It is not that I think the government should get militant about stopping the legitimization of porn, the people, the citizens should be adamant that it be stopped. The wonderful thing about democracy is that if the majority of people desire action on an issue, the government usually finds a way to provide that action.

I place the blame squarely where it belongs, numero uno, me, you, we, all of us.

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