It is it a sin to keep something that is noy yours

For example i have this basket ball that I found at school.The ball is school property and that was like a year ago or less and i still have it.Does the sin still go on because I didnt return the ball

Keeping property from it’s rightful owner is stealing. Go and return the ball.

Well stealing means "take something unlawfully: to take something that belongs to somebody else, illegally or without the owner’s permission

And stealing is a sin so yes you have commited a sin. And Yes you do need to return it. Example. If I steal someones iPod, then I go to confession but don’t give the iPod back then what was the point of you truly being sorry?

I hope that was a good enough explaination :slight_smile:
GOD Bless You!!!

If you removed it from the school and kept it, then yes, you stole it. That’s a sin.

If you found it off of the school property and kept it, in spite of knowing who owns it, yes, that would be a sin.

Either way, you wouldn’t be asking if you didn’t feel guilty. So return it and go to confession as soon as you can. Simple solution!

I didnt know it was a mortal sin to steal back then. I might go take it back tommarow

I really doubt it is a mortal sin, but any sin can separate us from God. Confession & restitution reconnect us with God.

Also i have a soccer ball i found in the back yard im not sure if it was the neighbors or someone else’s also this was like probably 2 or less years i still have it and those neighbors dont live here no more and they never asked back for it so im i sinning because i have that ball? Idk know if it was the neighbors or cause it was just there.

I can not see it as a sin too keep something that you are not sure of its owner.

For example, i once found some Money on the ground at a horserace track, i kept that Money since there was not a single person around and it was not possible to track the owner since there was no wallet or anything just that Money all by itself.

I do not see that as a sin since the owner could not be found but if i had known who the owner was then it would have been a sin to keep it.

Return the ball to school.

Don’t worry about the soccer ball since you don’t know who it belongs to and your neighbors moved.

Good for you for asking these questions and wanting to get it right. :thumbsup:

Say if I know the owner of the ball and they moved is it still a sin today because the ball is still here and they moved will that be a sin

You’re overthinking it. Just go to confession & your priest will tell you whether or not it is a sin.

keep the ball and start your own chairty sports league and give all the proceeds to a good cause.

Stevo, try to track down your former neighbors. In this internet age you should have success. If that fails, you should hire a private investigator to locate those folks. Then ride your bike to their house and give them back their ball. Only then will your conscience be alleved.

Nvm guys mom just told it was my big brothers ball when he was a kid

The OP is young and suffers from scrupulosity. Making jokes is probably not the best way to help him.

wait nvm my dad said he found it somewhere

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