It is surely correct to call time on the Anglican Communion [CH-UK]

The Anglican Communion should be replaced by a looser club. Let’s hope the Catholic Church doesn’t go the same way


There’s no reason to think that it would.

“a looser club”?

Even looser than what now exists. Sort of like being friends on Facebook, maybe.

:slight_smile: I thought “club” a strange choice of words. As though it is not a religious community.

The degree of community is the issue to be decided. Will it be a sharing of communion, as in being in communion, or more like this forum is a community. Or like folks who share Christmas card lists, and occasionally meet for tea. How unequally yoked are those folk?

Never has, never will. God Bless, Memaw

Really just a recognition of reality. It will be interesting if the GAFCON Primates even show up. They are the ones who hold all the cards at this point. It’s a hard thing for some to accept, but the center of the Anglican world is Africa, not Canterbury.

oh I see.

That is true. True Anglicanism still survives in Africa.

Thanks for the clarification.


My pleasure. Remember, I’m an opinion, not an authority, on this.

Reasonably informed opinion, but, even so…

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