, it is very difficult to post, because I can,'t see what I am writing as I write


Oh, dear, additionally, on my smartphone, I can’t get into the title textbox to edit it.

I can’t see what I am typing as I type, and it is a very tricky thing to edit. I have to turn the device, shutdown the keyboard, and then hope that I get the icon in the correct place to edit, and I have only a short moment before the keyboard comes up to hide it to see if I have it in the right place. If I made a bad typo at the beginning of a long word… Well, it may or may not end up corrected.

But the BIGGEST problem is that I cannot cancel a post, because if I hit cancel, then two-option thingies that comes up is only partly visible, and the part that is visible is the cancellation of the cancellation. This I always have many abandoned posts. Even erasing all the text I put in doesn’t cancel it.

So this new forum is not better for small devices than the old one was :frowning: alttho I think if you can at least move that thingies the very so people can cancel their posts, it would help and shouldn’t be too difficult.


I had problems yesterday not being able to see when I typed using my Kindle. The keyboard covered up the space. It was very frustrating. Today it is back to normal.
I don’t like using my smartphone with this new software.


I have an iPhone SE which is the smaller iPhone form. It definitely isn’t good for this forum in portrait mode. But turning to landscape isn’t great either. I think the forum is probably better for larger phones. There might be some tweaks they can make or it might be smaller phones aren’t priority.


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