It is wrong to...

…consider a Protestant church an evil institution, correct?

Of course it is wrong. It is wrong to consider ANY house of worship that speaks of moral values and G-d or gods an evil institution.

Gotta say – I can’t believe the question is even being asked.

My answer is what Meltzerboy said.

Check this as well as this out.

These articles, interesting as they are, nowhere state that Protestant churches are evil. It is obvious Catholicism disagrees with Protestantism as a whole on several important points, but this disagreement does not suggest the opposing belief is evil, unless you have a different definition of the term.

I think you could say that it is an evil institution because according to the Catholic Church they are teaching some false ideas. Since false ideas stray people away from heaven, it is evil.

Well, that is a situational moral question. Most of the time, yes, it is wrong.

Some cults pretend to be churches though, like Jim Jones and the mass suicide in Guyana in the 70s.

It is generally better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Juts when I thought this board could not go lower than to become an “OCD-anonymous/is this a mortal sin?” board, this thread came along and proved me wrong.

Good golly, since when do Catholics have some lock on “good” or morality? Is Joel Osteen evil, because he doesn’t believe as you do? Is Billy Graham? Am I evil, if I commit the sin of not thinking protestants are evil?

And, if protestant churches are “evil,” why draw the line there? Is it evil to be Catholic yet question some aspects of Catholic teaching? What if I’m Catholic but disagree with the text of the new mass? Am I evil then? Am I evil if I speak poorly of the Church? Am I evil if I say, “some priests are evil because they molested boys”?

The end result of calling protestants evil is to eventually call anyone who does not see as you do evil.

A bit more understanding and compassion might be in order for some.


So, therefore, everyone in the world except Catholics must be evil???
Somehow, I doubt it!


Things here have certainly gone down hill in the past year or two.

Do you consider yourself evil because of *your *sin?

You do sin, don’t you?

:slight_smile: +1

It would do us good to focus on our similarities and commonalities as Christians, rather than spend time looking for things to divide us. $0.02

No their false ideas are evil.

"Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them.”-St. Pius X

There is a difference between a person and an idea.

And also, everyone is a little evil, because we all sin.

Theoda, I think we could agree with the maxim that “all people occasionally do evil acts to one degree or another,” but that’s very, very different from believing that a Protestant Church is a place of evil(!).

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