It just seems ironic

It just seems ironic…and a little bit tragic…

All the people, both male and female, hoping to find good, long-lasting, healthy Catholic marriages, wanting to fall in love and be happy, and yet no one seems to be locating one another…

… it is hard when women have to wait for that Catholic man to make the first move…:Djust my opinion

It’s also hard when you lack transportation and don’t have your towel.

Always remember to have a towel.

Aww, well I think there’s always hope! I think God brings good things to those who wait.

I met my very nice Catholic boyfriend 4 and a half years ago and we’re going strong. And when we met, I wasn’t even thinking of finding my future husband. (I know we’re not engaged, but we’re working on it). So you just never know what God has planned for you…

I’m a female in new england. I’m not really interested in moving…which is part of my problem.

Today I was told by the girl I have been going out with that she was going to enter a religious community. As she said, that’s the risk you take when dating a religious person.

I guess if I am going to be dumped for someone else, it might as well be Jesus; anyone else I deemed less worthy I might invite to “open spar night”.


I like how you said you weren’t even looking/thinking of finding your future husband. This kinda supports my theory that the moment people stop looking, that’s when what they really want walks right into their life. I know this isn’t true for all cases but it does help not to get discouraged about waiting.

Ha as for me, it’s about TIME I stop trying to find love. I looked in all the wrong places. It’s time for me to chill and let God put me back together :blush:

But good luck to all those who are still actively looking, what will be will be :slight_smile:

And don’t panic. (The answer is forty two, right?) :smiley:

It seems like all the girls (catholic and other) that I run into want a “bad boy”. And of course that means nice guys like me finish last.

you know the restraunt is at the other end of the galaxy!!!

Nuh-uh, the restaurant is at the end of the UNIVERSE (as in the ‘gnab gib’).

Course you know the secret of flying - you throw yourself at the ground and miss :smiley:


one hoopy frood who really knows where her towel is

I have heard good things about or avemaria singles (not sure the URL).

Agreed. I don’t seem to meet many desirable catholic girls…many still seem to be in the ‘rebelious’ or ‘wild’ stage of their life and aren’t looking to be with a old fashioned/nice guy like myself just yet. I am sure I’ll meet the right girl eventually, just as many others here will meet the right guy/girl for them in time.

Lol Jay 82?

I’m assuming that means you’re 27? I’m 25. I’m not wild, per se, but alot of traddies around my age consider me such. I like my NO mass and JMT music for communion. I leap off rocks, go for wild hikes, and enjoy my life. I consider myself wild :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems all the guys I know are immature (drinking, parting, etc)…or downright too old to date 40+. Or they have dead-end jobs and think by some magic they’ll get to where they want to be in life.

Nnnnoo, they don’t. Another thing I shall rant about is that nice catholic guys think that because they haven’t been in many dating relationships that the girls won’t want them. Pooh pooh. You see, it is a COMPLIMENT to not have been in a lot of them, it kind of means you’re waiting for that special someone. (Note: I didn’t say there was anything immoral or wrong about dating lots of people)

It does help for nice Catholic guys to be “attractive,” though, to gauge any fair amount of interest. Simply being “nice” and “Catholic” just doesn’t simply cut it, it seems. Sometimes the “bad boy” persona is desired more than the attitude.

Or, in short, some people are just too pretty for others.

Attraction is nice, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like all the nice catholic guys just want the femine fatale types (who usually dump them because they are too religious)…I’ve seen it over and over again. Only the bad boys show any interest or else the guys old enough to be out of my age range. Guys in their 30s and 40s just don’t seem to want to commit. Even friends I know that are guys openly admit this. I continuely get passed over myself which is ok I rather be with a guy that was interested and won’t chase one that isn’t. :rolleyes: The last guy I went out with was nice but he was too wrapped up with his gay friends :eek: I have a suspician there but it’s none of my business…:confused:;):shrug: Anyway see what I mean. Oh well hands up leave it to GOD…:smiley:

Haha. Nice post there.

I was speaking more towards immaturity, excessive partying and/or pre-marital sex, but I think you generally know what I meant by your sarcastic/witty response.

It seems you and I do some of the same recreational things.

Keep enjoying life and being happy… I always feel that sort of thing will help attract desirable people to a person’s life and one of those connections might end up being your future husband.

thanks Jay I often get discouraged being “myself”

I’m near a big city and big mountians where alot of the “available” guys, if they don’t hang in bars, are ultra traddies. They want a good little church mouse of a wife who dosn’t sing “Donughts no yeast buy them” under her breath when they sing a certain church song. (42 points to whomever knows that one). :p:D

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