It really feels like they are all pulling for you

Right now so many parishes have only one priest and during these times it is like a luxury if another priest is sent.

At our Parish we have our main priest and I was able to tell when he was exhausted when he had to perform five Masses all alone.

But he would always try to invite other priests to help him out if they could.

Now we have another priest who will be with us for awhile, and they take turns. But when they celebrate Mass together, like Christmas Eve Mass, it made me realize something.

Seeing them together just reminded me that they are Christ’s apostles who really are praying for you and trying to pull for all of us. It reminded me that it is not just one person, but many even when they are not around who are trying to help you.

Perhaps that is why our Lord had sent out the apostles in pairs. I don’t know it’s always hard for me to explain.

It’s great and especially (hopefully) when they get along you can tell it helps them spiritually as well.

Our main priest used to say that even though it was hard celebrating so many Masses by himself, the love of the community really helped him and the people. But when he had to go back to the rectory at night it was very lonely and depressing. Especially since the rectory is like for five priest to be living there.

…Just a funny tidbit, when our main priest has presentations and blessing, he usually says “bring me the really cold holy water so they will wake up!” and usually the poor persons would get a good amount of holy water on them. It was all for fun.
Recently it was the main priest’s birthday and they made him come out from the back of the church so the new priest could give him a blessing and the new priest said “Make sure it’s the really cold holy water, now he will know how it feels”. Hahaha it was payback, but all in good fun.

Also last night the lights around the nativity scene would not turn on and our main priest said “I don’t understand, they worked fine in the other Mass…you all must really be a really sinful bunch!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget to pray for our priest they really need it :slight_smile:

Priests are what keeps the Church alive!

Merry Christmas


Yes priests are often over worked and under prayed. I hope everyone keeps their parish priest, Bishop, and Pope Benedict in their daily prayers.
My priest had a moment last night of what appeared to be complete spaciness and it was the first of four Masses. His birthday is on Christmas too - I hope everyone remembered to wish him Merry Christmas AND Happy Birthday but I don’t know if many parishioner know to.

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