‘It’s a depressing sight’: climate change unleashes ghostly death on Great Barrier Reef



**John Rumney says that just a year ago, this particular spot was once the most stunning coral garden on the entire Great Barrier Reef. If a film crew said it wanted to get a cliche shot of the reef with its mind-boggling richness of coral and fish species, this was where he took them.

Now he’s taking us there to see the destruction wrought by climate change. He says the fact this reef was used in so many films and magazines means it’s a perfect location to see the effects of the recent bleaching event.**

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+1.5 C makes a difference in the Great Barrier Reef, to the life of the Corals.


It’s increased +1.5 C in a year??


Well, the IPCC computer models said 1.5º per century.

Nobody got excited.

Then a month ago, they said 1.5º per decade.

Nobody got excited.

So NOW they say 1.5º per year.

No new news.

Just yelling louder.


I remember some years ago reading that the “crown of thorns” starfish would be the inevitable death of the coral reef. It eats the living coral and leaves the bleached skeleton behind. People actually had a big project to kill the starfish, but they were so numerous it was a losing battle. Problem was, the crown of thorns’ main predator didn’t seem to be showing up. This article does give a nod to the high numbers of crown of thorns starfish in this particular segment of reef. (which are eating live coral or they wouldn’t be there)

And this segment of the reef, we’re told in the article, is opposite a large Australian port, and is frequented by lots of tourists. Of course, effluent from the port and petrochemicals from the boats couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the toll on the coral. Oh, and as we know, crown of thorns starfish proliferate when nutrients like fertilizer get into the ocean. But the writer of the article didn’t look into that. Apparently, now and then, those starfish will denude 90% of a coral reef if the nutrients are there for their polyps to feed on, and if overfishing reduces the few predators the starfish has. Possibly Australia ought to look at effluent, fertilizers and overfishing by all those tourists.

Nope. It’s MMGW.


“It’s a depressing sight. Climate Change unleashes ghostly death on great barrier reef”

There are no words for the horror. The dark hand of desolation creeps towards the throat of our souls.

People, we’re talking about a REEF here.

If you want something to be depressed about, consider the attack on Marriage by a coalition of government, media and schools. If you want evidence of ghostly death, watch the Planned Parenthood videos.


I disagree - the natural world is part of God’s creation, so we should take care of it.









Part of the assault on Reason is the ongoing assault on language. The media doesn’t report the news anymore, they issue hourly warnings. If everything is described as “depressing”, in long run, nothing is. If everything is “ghostly death”, what phrase is left to describe Holland, where 98% of children with Down Syndrome are aborted now?

If every night 11 PM newscast is hyped with promise of some new atrocity, people will having no feelings with to respond with, when the concentration camps return. They will have spent all their outrage already.


I don’t have any statistics on it, but I suspect the abortion rate for Downs children is not much different here. My wife works with developmentally disabled people, and she says there are simply no new Downs people coming into that group.


On this thread, I had no intention of minimizing our responsibility to care for the Earth. I was opposing the abuse of language. “Depressing…ghostly death…”

It’s sort of like the boy who cries “Wolf” every time a minor concern becomes evident. Thus we have Christians who are being trained to give the same response

to the problem of inadequate sidewalks in poor neighborhoods -
that they give to -
legal dismemberment of unborn children.

Every attack on Reason includes an attack on language.


Interesting rebuttal



Wrong. Yes, in 1999, Professor Ove Hoegh-Gulberg, our leading reef alarmist and administrator of more than $30 million in warming grants, did claim the reef was threatened by warming, and much had turned white. But he then had to admit it had made a “surprising” recovery. Yes, in 2006 he again warned high temperatures meant “between 30 and 40 per cent of coral on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef could die within a month”. But he later admitted this bleaching had “minimal impact”. Yes, in 2007 he again warned that temperature changes of the kind caused by global warming were bleaching the reef. But this month fellow Queensland University researchers admitted in a study that reef coral had once more made a “spectacular recovery”, with “abundant corals re-established in a single year”. The reef is blooming.


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