‘It’s not in your head’: Striking new study links birth control to depression


“Today in vindication,” wrote a woman on Twitter on Tuesday, summarizing the way many have received a striking new study that found those who use birth control — especially teenage girls — may be at a significantly higher risk of experiencing depression.

The research, published in JAMA Psychiatry, has been heralded as groundbreaking for its depth and breadth, even if it seems to only confirm what some women say they’ve been feeling for years — that their hormonal contraceptives make them sad.

Women who used the combined birth control pill, a mix of estrogen and progestin, were 23 percent more likely to be prescribed anti-depressants than nonusers, and progestin-only pills raised the likelihood by 34 percent. With the patch, antidepressant use doubled; risk increased by 60 percent for vaginal rings and 40 percent for hormonal IUDs.



I mean, it is in your head, but it’s not only in your head.

Also, took long enough.


This won’t get people to stop using it. A better tactic is to point out that it can reduce your sex drive by a noticeable amount. I know from personal experience, it was a very nice surprise for me (and my wife) :smiley:


A report here advocated giving anti depressants with the Pill… eejits. OF COURSE it causes emotional chaos. All hormones do.


Carefree sex and suffer depression or do without and not suffer depression. Gee. Tough decision. One thing that should make the choice easier: depression can lead to suicide, but no one ever died from celibacy. :smiley:


You mean to tell me that pumping your body so full of Grade 1 carcinogens that bodily organs start to shut down is BAD?!?!! Who could have guessed that there would be negative outcomes to such a thing!


Yeah, but think about that great sex you can have without having worry about things like, you know, babies.




That’d be a great poster: “No one ever died of celibacy.”




What’d be in the background, though? Specific color designs?



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