It’s official: SFO terminal named for Harvey Milk

Gross. (10 characters)


TI saw this and was wondering why I had some association with this and the Moscone Center. Found my answer.

The San Francisco conference center is named after Moscone.

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I would suggest thinking of Harvey Milk in ways other than his homosexuality if that disturbs you. After all, he was a whole person.


Yes. He was a civic leader in a major city, after all.

And anyway, flying in or out of San Francisco (or any city) is enough of a pain without getting worked up about the name of the terminal. :wink:


He was a pedarast. The only reason he is famous is for being a homosexual. The only reason he gets away with having sex with children is he was gay.

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It might not please you to learn that your navy is naming a ship after him then…

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Is this true? I’m searching online and he had a relationship with a guy named Scott Smith while he was in his 40s. As far as I can make out (I can’t find anyone saying how old he was at the time) Scott Smith was in his 20s when they first met.

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Hardly a pederast then. I’ve heard it claimed he raped teenage boys, but only on dubious blogs and similar material.

If you are going to accuse someone of being a “pedarast”, you need to back it up with irrefutable evidence. Bearing false witness is a greater sin than having same sex relations.


And for being hated only because he was homosexual.

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It is appropriate for the modern US.

Try harder. Search for ‘Harvey Milk pederast’ or underage boys.

I don’t need to do anything. He was a pederast. If you think I’m wrong then a simple web search which takes less time then your reply would prove what I said is true.

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I tried that. All I got was a lot of right-wing opinions, but no legal convictions.

On the other hand, the Wikipedia page for Harvey Milk seems to justify SFO terminal being named for him.


How did you know they were ‘right wing opinions’? Since when are legal convictions the only proof of something? We can throw out most of history and science if legal convictions are the standard of proof.

No you don’t…that’s the curse and the benefit of a social media website…but don’t expect all of us to buy into your uncharitable characterizations.

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Duh…some things you just learn from living…and peeking in on this page! LOL

Actually my characterization is charitable. Much worse could be said about the man. What I find interesting is that people would have an opinion when they don’t bother to research it, and then get bent out of shape when someone has.

… where some advance the idea that making requests for documentation of claims is somehow aberrant.

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Actually it is not…start with “he is only famous because he is a homosexual” and work from there.

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