It’s that time of year again!


Pumpkin. Spiced. Latte.


I’m not a fan.

And, also, my supermarket is selling Halloween candy.

It’s still August. And hot. Do they expect me to buy it now for two months from now? Won’t it get all melted just coming home from the supermarket?


And again when you ate the Halloween candy.
And again.
And again.
And again.
And then look at the price, it’s on sale! Too good to pass up.


Confusion say, "candy bought now for Halloween not last until Halloween. ".


I can imagine. I buy it now. Fast forward to Halloween afternoon. I get the candy bowl. I go to the candy hiding place. I find one 3 musketeers bar, and a few wrappers.

The expression on my children’s face.


I rush over to the supermarket and the only Halloween candy left is a bag of candy corn, and some caramel squares.

My expression: :flushed:

In a panic I run around the market, until I find a display of fresh candy! :hugs:

For Christmas.

And I ponder for a minute or two… “Can I give out candy Santas and Trees?”


Of course you can.








I noticed some Halloween bits and pieces for sale in a shop the other day…
Pumpkin spiced latte just doesn’t really go with Spring :upside_down_face:


I love the PSL, but it’s going to be 90 degrees tomorrow so it’s too early in the season for me.


Went to the donut shop today. They’ve got pumpkin donuts, and donuts with orange-colored toppings (frosting or sprinkles). Must be… late August?


I tend to buy Halloween candy after Halloween when it’s deeply discounted, then chuck it in the freezer until next Halloween. But I gather I’m not the typical consumer. :joy:

I really think all this nuttiness over pumpkin spice is the secular version of “living liturgically.” And we’re super impatient so we can’t wait until it’s actually fall. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love autumn, but no. It’s still too early for PSLatte and leaves falling. As Denise said, it will be in the 90s for a few days. Not hot beverage weather. Saw a truck go by with a bed full of pumpkins today. Pretty, but no. Too early.


Well, Halloween is just the nightmare before Christmas. Might as well make this nightmare end early!


I can’t ever find Halloween candy in the stores after Halloween.

I’ve tried saving Halloween candy. My husband and kids find it. Once my husband threw a whole bunch out because he thought it was “old”. :flushed:

Valentines day as well. In the afternoon of February 13, there’s nothing left except the cheapie chocolates.


Do you like it iced?

My husband likes pumpkin everything. September he’ll start bringing pies home, even if he’s out for a container of milk. “They had pumpkin pie!”


Sounds like something I would do. I also love it when pumpkin ice cream starts showing up.

That said, I don’t like everything pumpkin spiced. The pumpkin-spiced cream cheese I had tasted awful, and the same goes for those the pumpkin-flavored pop tarts. I was able to tolerate pumpkin beer, but I’m not rushing to ever have it again.


get some roast pumpkin on your plate




Ooh, I actually loved the pop tarts. :grimacing:
But yeah, sometimes…it just doesn’t taste right. And the amount of products available…Pumpkin spiced Frosted Flakes? Nope, not trying that.


I usually buy candy at Aldi with my regular groceries, and the ones around here always reliably have leftovers for a week or so. I also buy Christmas and Easter candy this way. It lives in the bottom of our chest freezer, so there’s a lot to sift through to get to it. :wink:

I also don’t really get the pumpkin obsession. I mean, there’s so many other squashes! And fall is apple time, too, and they’re the yummiest of all.


I’ve heard of Aldi’s But I don’t think I have one nearby.

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