It seems that Islamic God Allah is a different God than the Catholic God with different rules and a bible


The Jews prayed to the same God to whom Jesus prayed.



I do not believe they pray to the same God, that’s all.
Salvation is tied into this, of course, but the focus is on the fact that our Gods are not one and the same. That would be like saying you and I are one in the same.

We are different and have distinct physical characteristics and distinct personalities. To describe me would not be to describe you and visa versa. It’s quite simple and so obvious but it is so easy to overthink sometimes, and then it all gets complicated.

By the way, did you see the link on Cardinal Raymond Burke that I posted yesterday? He states that we do not worship the same God.



Even if I think my god is Micky Mouse and I pray to Micky Mouse, this does not mean that Micky mouse will hear my prayer.

There is only the 'One God who hears the prayers of everyone despite our differences. I firmly believe that you will never look into the eyes of anyone, who does not matter to God, he wants salvation for all people.

We are all sinners, so we can only achieve salvation through the grace, mercy and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have family and friends with no faith and from diverse faiths, there has to be hope in the mercy of God for all people.



You show love for your friends and family, but I think it is better to pray for their conversion than to pray for God to change his plan of salvation through belief in Jesus Christ. God is of course the ultimate judge, but Christ asked Peter if he loved him “more than these” (John 21:15). I believe he meant that our first love and loyalty must be Christ, included with the true God of the Trinity.

St. Monica prayed for St. Augustine to convert and ultimately he did. So it is best for us to continue with Christian prayer, witness and evangelization.

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I see your point in that the Jews were very close to God the Father before Christ came. However, they only partly understood him. When he revealed himself more fully, many did not believe this further revelation. Muslims, as far as I know, never accepted Christ as one of the persons of God with the same essence.

Of course we will never understand God totally, but Christians do not expect further revelation after Christ on God’s full nature. Those who do not accept Christ do not accept or worship God in his fullest revelation.

Even though from the Christian vantage point we know there is only one God, the viewpoint of someone who prays to a different understanding of God is skewed and the individual is deceived. Religions mean what they say. If they didn’t, there would be no meaning in any religion at all. Some religions say Christ is not God and that is what they mean. Even though we know the individuals of non-Christian religions are wrong, it matters to their everlasting souls that they find out they are wrong and what is right.

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God is merciful and desires that none perish…none! My prayers are for the lost - all day, every day.
If all the gods were one and the same, then why does God tell us to have no other gods before Him? There is such a thing as false gods.

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This is one of my favorite songs! Check out the following link:
These young people are risking their lives by praising the Christian God. If the God they are singing about is the same as their former god, that of Islam, then why does the Koran say they must be put to death now?



Remember Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians were polytheistic. Gods for everything … sun, harvest, fertility, love, war, etc.

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Because the Muslim understanding of God is deeply flawed.



Does not the misunderstanding then make God what He is not and thus not our God at all, especially in the way the Islamic believe in who their God is? In this matter I do not believe the CCC is infallible as I have seen Cardinals say that the Gods are different.

I wanted to mention that I worked closely with Muslim students for several years tutoring in ESL/ENL. I enjoyed getting to know them and learning about their cultures (and food :slight_smile:). Most of the students were from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

I met a Christian Syrian more recently. She was just learning to speak English. She was a refugee. In our “discussion,” she tried to explain why she came to America. In trying to understand her (I unfortunately was putting my American attitude first), I kept reinterpreting what she was telling me. “Surely, you had Muslim friends,” I put forward. She kept shaking her head no. She could see I was not getting the message, so finally, she took her finger and drew it across her throat. She was in America as a refugee because she was a Christian, and that was the reason the Muslims in her part of the world wanted to kill her.

I met a lovely Muslim woman, also a refugee, who fled to America with her children. She married an American service man. Her whole family, including herself, were threatened because her Muslim brothers did not want her to be associated with America, the Great Satan. Her sons grew up here in America and are all practicing Doctors. Super nice family!

Best regards.



Read the article please. With all the evidence, it’s alarming to me that anyone would think otherwise.



I have read it. One Cardinal is not going to convince me over my Catechism.



When you search for a greatest meaning of ‘One God’, it means that everyone in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are created by the same God who created you and me. We are commanded to love and pray for all our neighbours and enemies.

Instead we bomb them and invade their countries, thousands are killed and injured, property is destroyed and millions are refugees. Now ask yourself, if you were just some ordinary doctor living in Iraq, and you saw all the death and destruction over many years, would you still love America? How many people have the chance to be super nice families in Iraq?

We are all created by the same God, we shall all answer to the same God despite our differences. We have a duty to care for all of God’s creation; and that has to mean caring for each other despite all our differences.

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Yes! We are all creatures, and we all were created by one God. He commands us to love our neighbor and our enemies. He says, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” We pray. We do good to those who spitefully use us.
God is Who He is, and Who He is is not open for private interpretation, no more than we human creatures can truly “interpret” each other.
Best regards.

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Person A is Kammy’s best friend. She knows: Kammy’s favorite color is blue. She’s a cat person and likes coffee.

Person B is Kammy’s coworker. She thinks: Kammy’s favorite color is green. She’s a dog person and likes tea.

When person B speaks to Kammy at work, is she not really speaking to Kammy because she doesn’t know her very well?



Saying they pray to the same God with a deeply flawed understanding of who he is and not believing they are saved with Jesus is hardly a commandment violation.



In this case, I think it would be better to really compare our God to their god. It is not a case of misunderstanding; it is a case of two rather different identities.
A quick example: God says to listen to His Son. Their god says, if you become a follower of Jesus, you are to be put to death.



When reading the document to which I previously referred and is titled “Bulls and ordinances of the Roman curia concerning the order of the Templars and the business of the holy Land” by Pope Clement V, it stood out to me the Pope starts our with, “Clement, bishop, servant of the servants of God, for an everlasting record.”



Let’s say three architects successfully build a bridge. Each architect contributes equally to the effort. One group of citizens awards (and therefore acknowledges) all three architects. The other group awards only one architect and goes so far as to spread the story that the other two architects never contributed. They don’t speak to, or acknowledge, the other two architects at all.

Obviously from my little story I refer to two groups who “worship” a different “God.”



I may be wrong about what you are saying but I just want to put these verses here (John 6:28-29 KJV):

28 Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?

29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

It is a critical element of Christianity to believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior. This qualifies as a commandment to me and certainly is not part of non-Christian religions.


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