It seems that the ends justify the means to most people


It seems that the ends justify the means to most people.
Even to religious people when quoting scripture like john 6.commentary.
The God Iam is the bread of life
Jesus is the bread of life
The bread of life is a symbol.
It can be difficult to believe a interpretation
And base your life on that.
Have you ever used scripture to convince a person ?
And did they change to your belief?


How does one’s interpretation of Jesus’ words regarding Him being the bread of life indicating that they believe the ends justify the means?


‘The ends justify the means to most people’
And what ends do they experience. Even without religion our consciences are uncomfortable with the incongruence between our ‘means’ and our God given precepts, called natural law. Most know when theyre doing wrong in other words, at some level or other. This can often cause illnesses of many kinds or just plain unhappiness.

Belief does require reading the scriptures because within it the message is animated, brought alive, but it must be done with an open mind. I’d advocate studying the New Testament and adopting a neutral mind set while contemplating on the multiple layers of Truth revealed in Our Lords words and life.

Belief in God could start with a simple question “where is Our Creator?” The answer to that is “right inside you.”

It takes time to build a relationship with God in our minds because of us, not because of Him. Our drive to individuation is strong and seems justified by our limited senses but belief in God is important, your future life depends on it.
I’m not aware of any scripture which in one line can give you belief but Our Lord tells us
Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
Pray a prayer based on these words while reading the scriptures and if God so wishes you will be enlightened. I pray that is the case.
God bless.


I think that is true. Take the example of dropping the atomic bomb on japan. One argument heard is that it saved many lives, both American and Japanese. So the end result, which was supposedly saving many lives, justified the immoral act of murdering thousands of innocent children.


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