Italian bishops head gives Communion to notorious transsexual at Marxist priest's funeral

ROME, May 27, 2013 ( – The head of the Italian Bishops’ Conference was filmed this weekend giving Holy Communion to a notorious “transsexual” and homosexualist political activist who goes by the name Vladimir Luxuria, at the funeral Mass of a controversial Genoan priest.

The deceased priest, Fr. Andrea Gallo (hereafter referred to as Don Gallo), strongly opposed Catholic teaching on sexuality. In the video clip, published by the national newspaper Corriere della Sera, Angelo Bagnasco, the Cardinal Archbishop of Genoa is seen giving Communion to Luxuria, and another transsexual at the funeral of Fr. Andrea Gallo.

Three thousand flocked from all over Italy for the funeral of Don Gallo, the priest they called the “pretaccio communista” (an ironic use of “lousy communist priest”) and the “angelic anarchist”. Some participants wore t-shirts with the slogan, “Tell me who to exclude and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Standing in front of a group of priests wearing rainbow stoles and addressing the gathered thousands, Vladimir Luxuria gave a eulogy in which he thanked Don Gallo for “letting us open the doors of your church and your heart.”

“Thank you for having us transgender creatures feel willed by God and loved by God. We hope that many will follow your example and someone will apologize.”

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“Transgender creatures” my ***. It disgusting how wide a break from logic people make to justify their behavior.

As for the article; it is not the Bishop’s job to ensure a person is in a fit state to receive communion, but rather the job of the recipient; I don’t see why they’re trying to make it seem like the Bishop did something wrong.

I agree, most priests hardly even see the individual while distributing communion, they are focused on God and the Eucharist. This blame puts the onus on the bishop/priest to know everybody and anybody who will show up at a funeral. He can instruct and request, but when all the communicants walk up is he really trying to identify all recipients and their positions? That is impossible. Now if it is true that he (the transexual) dressed up in an alb and stole and gave a eulogy, then… But the picture of him receiving has him in women’s clothes, not an alb and stole.

The bishop didn’t do anything wrong… The person who received the Eucharist was supposed to make sure she/he is in the state of grace… Otherwise, she/he is commiting a sacrilege and it is not the bishop’s fault…

You can’t be serious…
If the Bishop KNEW this person was who the article says they were, why would he not refuse communion? It causes public scandal, and we all know what Christ said about causing scandal. On that note, if this priest was so against Church teaching, why was he even given a Catholic burial…I guess it wasn’t his fault:shrug:

Sorry if I seem sarcastic, but this is a huge reason why the Church looses credibility

The Church’s duty is spread the Truth to the world, not make sure that every person receiving the sacraments is in a proper state for them. If people lose confidence in the Church because of its fringe members, then they probably didn’t have much confidence to begin with. Would you rather we turn away people whom we assume are sinful? Because if so, no one would receive that sacrament.

Making sure that every person receiving the sacraments is something that the Church is required to teach as otherwise how would people know? To not be able to distinquish between unrepentant sinners with sinners who know better is part of that teaching.

I’m aware of that. I was saying that, if it were up to the Bishop to make sure that each person receiving was in the proper state to receive, they would never give communion to anyone because they couldn’t be sure.

I was defending the Bishop :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t need to apologize to me that’s for sure.

I am so sick of this sort of thing.

And it’s allowed to continue.

I am just so sick of reading about this stupidity in our Church. It is embarrassing and most of all impossible to explain to non catholics.

Isn’t it?

You have no idea how upset I am lately. I am so done defending.


I posted this in the wrong section earlier. Here it is, hopefully, in the right place. I am new Catholic. I came into the Church a few months ago. I try to stay connected to what is happening around the Catholic world by subscribing to various facebook feeds that post articles etc. I ran across this today.…-at-marxist-pr

Being new to the Church I really don’t know how discipline is dispensed from the Vatican. It occurs to me that this is nearly the worst liturgical abuse possible. I am not trying to question the leadership of the Church, but when will something be done about this? How can His Holiness not immediately confront this type of thing?


The link doesn’t seem to be working. Can you elaborate more on what abuses are taking place?

Lets see if this one works.

If not, the scenario is that a Bishop in Italy flaunts his gay-pride at a funeral of a Bishop who also openly supported abortion and gay rights etc. At this funeral he administers communion to a notorious transsexual who is boasted to be the first openly transgender in elected politics. They make a big deal out of reverenced the deceased bishop who opened the doors of the Church to openly gay persons. They wore rainbow stoles for the occasion.

Yeah, the link is working now, and…ugh. :bigyikes:

Also… :gopray2::gopray2::gopray2:

Already being discussed in an earlier thread:

Personally I am just moved that people who seem far from the Church still feel a deep need for the Lord and the Eucharist. I will leave the theology to the experts.

Great! Thanks for the link!

That’s the Church’s policy. I think you are only allowed to refuse it to politicians.

The funeral was for Fr. Andrea Gallo, a father and not a bishop. The Cardinal Angelo Bagnesco is an opponent of gay marriage and abortion, and even received death threats for it.

According to Canon 915 and 916, its arguable that the person in question might have been denied communion, but it is within the pastoral discretion of the Archbishop Bagnesco to decide. In order to deny Luxuria, under Canon 915 he would have needed to first warn him to desist to deny him. The rainbow sash people have been denied before, but that was because it was deemed they were receiving communion solely as a political act - the Archbishop may have determined that, since this was a funeral, though there may have been many political overtures in his statements, the act of taking communion was not itself political, and so not denied him.

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