Italian Businessman mounts protest on top of dome of St. Peter's Basilica!

See the pictures at the article!

Vatican City — An Italian man clambered onto a ledge on the huge dome of St Peter’s Basilica on Tuesday to stage a precarious protest against Prime Minister Mario Monti and the European Union.

Video footage showed the man, identified as Marcello Di Finizio, jumping over railings near the top of the 450-foot high dome on Tuesday afternoon, shocking visitors taking a tour. He then tied a cord to the railings and abseiled to a ledge over a window in the cupola.

One wonders if he is still up there? Hope he stays safe!

Here is another article.

Mr. Di Finizio owns a beach bar and from the BBC article:

According to one of his friends, he is angry about an EU directive, backed by the Italian government, which will reform rules for auctioning licenses to operate patches of Italy’s seafront. He argues the measure will favour big multinationals.

I hope he gets down from there safely and he should be evaluated for doing such a risky thing.

I think he did the same thing in July. I just hope the media doesn’t twist this to blame Catholics or the Pope.

Hope he gets down safely. I’m kinda amazed he managed to get there and drag a huge banner like that with him.

Oh, great. So someone wants to air their political grievances by co-opting the image of the Vatican. This businessman is as bad as the Occupy protesters who gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

The guy needs to grow up.

Fear not.
They’ll find a way.
They always do.

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