Italian cabinet member backs legal prostitution

Rome, Jun. 9, 2008 ( - Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni, who orchestrated his country’s controversial crackdown on illegal immigration, has suggested that by August, prostitution should be legalized in Italy.

Maroni described his country’s current law as “repressive,” saying that prostitution has its “pros and cons.” He claimed that thousands of people are currently serving jail sentences in Italy for infractions of those laws, and said that such punishment exemplifies an “adolescent reaction” to the sex trade.

Disgusting. This member of the Italian cabinet should be deeply ashamed of himself! :mad: Words just simply fail me in cases like this. :shrug::mad:

Heavenly Father in Jesus name, please reverse this worldwide trend to de-Christianization of the law and society.

Here is a little more on Maroni’s proposal:

Interior Minister Roberto Maroni made a surprising proposal at the weekend, saying he was in favour of setting up officially sanctioned red light districts.

Exchanging money for sex is not illegal in Italy but coercion or exploitation of prostitution is.

Some politicians have also suggested the return of state-regulated brothels, which were legal in Italy until 1958, when they were closed after a 10-year legal battle by a woman senator named Lina Merlin. In 1958 there were 700 such brothels.

Prostitution is already legal in Italy. What Maroni is proposing is to restrict it. His idea seems linked to his immigration views, with more than half of prostitutes being foreignors. The government is looking at expelling foreign prostitutes.

I don’t get how prostitution is worse than any other premarital sex act as long as it is between consenting adults. There’s just money involved.

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