Italian cardinal says polluters should not receive Communion [CWN]

People who intentionally pollute the earth are guilty of grave sin and should not receive the Eucharist, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe of Naples has said. ''Those who pollute are not in …


well every time a person drives an gasoline powered automobile they are intentionally polluting the earth. :confused:

Does this mean that when the Pope gets on a plane to travel to a distant nation he is in mortal sin?

Seems strange to me.

My conclusion, based on the totally inadequate and incomplete report in the linked article, is that if you bury toxic waste near populated areas, you have sinned gravely.


I remember learning that to blatantly pollute, like throwing garbage out your car window, was a sin and that to partake in modern forms of transportation (cars, planes, etc) is not. I wondered how exactly we make that distinction.

However, it makes sense to me that to intentionally damage the Earth (as opposed to inadvertently through mere modern existence) would be considered sinful.

It isn’t a long article

People who intentionally pollute the earth are guilty of grave sin and should not receive the Eucharist, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe of Naples has said. ‘‘Those who pollute are not in the grace of God and can not take communion,’’ the cardinal told an audience at an environmentalist convention. He was apparently responding to recent revelations that Mafia figures had buried toxic waste near Naples, creating a high risk of cancer for local residents

This is so vague I’m thinking I’ll disregard this and move on…

Let’s keep this in perspective. I believe with current resource development that massive pollution is a grave matter.

Burying toxic waste just by someone’s health is a serious problem (like the article said, folks,…read it!) and quite different than driving.

In the USA the standards we have try to match exposure data from everyday energy consumption to be on par with life expectancy. At least that’s the theory. Right now, there’s some unacceptable things going on in the American regulatory world.

These days, you’ll at least end up with the sin of property damage.

Don’t even need cars. We all exhale carbon dioxide.

It’s the intent that matters as in all issues of morality.

The Church has said that massive pollution is a grave matter, but everyday, necessary consumption is not.

Notice I said necessary. That’s another key concept in our morality.

Has he released a position on politicians that support abortion and gay so called marriage?

Apparently he was referring to some Mafiosi who buried toxic waste near populated areas.
I’m glad he wasn’t referring to me exhaling too much carbon dioxide, or to Italian volcanoes spewing too much gaseous pollutant. Neither of us are culpable.

Ah I see. So it’s more about destroying the environment rather than what the mainstream media has caused us to think about when someone says “pollution”.

Exactly. And according to the EPA, Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant.

Therefore, this means that none of us should receive Holy Communion within the Archdiocese of Naples in as much as we are all sources of Carbon Dioxide (and, sadly, in some cases, maybe a bit too much methane :blush:). And, of course, we don’t even want to address water vapor.

To say nothing about the polluting smoke that periodically rises from the Sistine Chapel. The horror!

It’s amazing how easily and flippantly people will resort to mocking a Cardinal when he highlights an aspect of Church teaching they don’t like. Respect for the clergy has really gone down.

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