Italian film composer Ennio Morricone Dead at 91

I had posted about him earlier today in Popular Media.

May he Rest In Peace .

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The world lost a musical legend today so I thought it noteworthy to open a thread in the world news forum.


This is an article that pays tribute to Morricone by Hans Zimmer, another great composer.

My favourite of his compositions.

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Yes, a fine creative genius. People, many people seem to point at the “Mission” as among his finest work… yet, I looked at a list of what he composed. There must have been maybe 100-200 works.

There is a thread in I believe Popular Media or Catholic Living as well.

Music from “Casualties of War” with Sean Penn and Michael J. Fox, he did it and that was performed as well at the Warsaw concert.

Great talent.


My favourite modern composer. Rest in Peace.

I still have a great reaction when i hear his spaghetti western music.


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