Italian horn

I have a friend who wears an Italian Horn (looks like this)

CCC 2117 says that “Wearing charms is [also] reprehensible.”

But if he doesn’t believe in it as a charm, and for him it is strictly an ornament, no harm, right?

He would need to find out exactly what it represents. He can base his decision on that.

The harm of scandal to others…etc and if there is any occult reality involved…that too.

It is supposed to protect against the ‘evil eye’. I have a lot of Italian family, I think most wear it as an Italian identity. I can’t remember what it is called, it starts with corn…

I’m not so sure that the origin isn’t somewhat occult. Surely we have some Italians that will reply. I also think it is more common with ones of Sicilian heritage, which is most of the Italians that I know well.


DH’s family is Italian and some of his relatives were definitely superstitious about the evil eye, but I’m not familiar with that symbol having anything to do with it. But they are from further north.

Cornucopias are usually a symbol of plenty - at least in the US. Tons of them during autumn and around Thanksgiving in particular.

Had to ask my wife cornicello! She also said that there is some connotation relating to sex, as she thinks they are only worn by men and maybe women who are pregnant.

Learn something new everyday! So it’s definitely not an item compatible with Christianity. I’d avoid it. What would be the point of wearing one?

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