Italian journalist admits inaccuracies in controversial papal interview [CWN]

The Italian journalist whose interview with Pope Francis caused an international sensation has revealed that he made up some of the answers that he attributed to the Pope. Eugenio …


Take note. This is important.

Unbelievable. Responsible journalism is TRULY a thing of the past, and I am disgusted. I hope this gentleman loses his job. There is NO excuse for such unprofessional conduct.

I think they should publish an apology/correction that is just a prominant as the original article.


Is there more information on what statements the journalist made up?

True journalism requires work. Checking the credibility of sources is inconvenient when one is publishing to make a point and not reveal news.

I do not believe responsible journalism ever existed, at least in many people. We started with our First Amendment freedom of the press when the press was a tool of propaganda. Modern journalism was born out of telling lies for profit. We have a free press, but we will never have an honest press.

The Vatican was also stupid to not check the information before puting it on their website and spreading it as if it was acceptable to them. Why didn’t they realize that some of it was made up?

Pope Francis has made a number of statements that have been called “controversial.”

To what questionably-attributed statement(s) does this article refer to?

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