Italian prelates favor opening possibility of Communion for divorced/remarried Catholics [CC]

Three influential Italian prelates have indicated their support for policies that would allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion under some circumstances. Cardinal …


How loud can I shout AMEN!?


As long as they are not in any sexual relations that are outside of their prior marriage, fine by me.

On a side note, did anyone tune into the Cardinal Burke on EWTN? It was a great interview.

I understand the pastoral desire to do this. What I don’t understand is what the actual rationale can be. As far as I can tell, in order to do this the Church would have to determine that either 1) it is not a sin to marry outside the Church AND 2) marriage is not permanent OR that 1) civil 2nd marriages are valid AND 2) there is no sin in having more than one wife at a time.

I haven’t been Catholic for very long, but the impression I get is that these kinds of very public statements of support are new and unusual–I’m wondering why the sudden shift? Is this the consequence of Pope Francis’ leadership, or am I just starting to hear these kinds of statements for the first time because I’ve just recently started paying attention?

The article actually addresses the long, cumbersome, legalistic annulment process.


Right. I’ve had difficulty finding the actual comments of Card. Coccopalmiero but it seems to me that he was not talking about divorced/remarried/Communion in “grave and urgent” situations but using a different process to declare the first “marriage” invalid in “grave and urgent” circumstances.


Seems like the title belies the message. If you’ve never been married before by virtue of nullity, how can you be remarried?

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