Italian woman ordained

I see that the (and others) are reporting this item.
The BBC billing it as ‘Italy ordains first woman’. Of course this isn’t the case but a radio phone in, coming on the same day as the church asks for £1m extra in the offering to fund the Pope’s visit, was making great capital of it

BBC Link:


[quote=the BBC article]She belongs to the Italian Old Catholic Church, a congregation that broke away from Roman Catholicism in the 19th Century.

Well, okay. But the various denominations of the Old Catholic Church have beliefs which are markedly different from the Catholic Church which is based in the Vatican City.

Simply because a religious group- calls itself Catholic doesn’t mean that it is part of the Catholic Church.

:thumbsup: True. As mentioned in the news article. Italian Old Catholic Church (Italian National Church ) broke away from the Roman Catholic Church in the 19th century. This was the result of certain rogue bishops and priests in Naples in 1808 due to political movements breaking away from Rome. Who came into play later in the early 20th Century? Benito Mussolini.

History repeats itself at the time of the Second Vatican Council. Notice the groups that break off get into the “so- called womens ordination”. What comes next is contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and "so-called same sex marriages’. This is “liberalist theology” that will eventually fail.

Interesting link here that addresses all sorts of things that occur once we turn our faces from God. She doesn’t speak of ordination of women, but of all the other things that arise from moral relativism:

The World Upside-Down

Shouldn’t that read “Protestant Church Masquerading as Catholic Church, “ordains” woman”?

i guess Jesus was just a misogynist, huh (for only having male Apostles)? :rolleyes:

He certainly was and if He ever visits Canada He’ll be in front of a Human “Rights” tribunal so fast it’ll make your head swim.(Actually He is there in every Tabernacle in my Country,but don’t tell the Ministry of Truth.)
I guess the ACLU would have a hay day suing him and the New york Times would somehow link Him to the Hebephelia scandal in the Church.After all,He’s the one in charge.

LOL…well played!

Hebephelia scandal in the Church???

i think i know why Jesus didn’t make women apostles

If he had, they would have crucified Him a lot sooner :frowning:

and His time had not yet come

just a stupid thought

but this Women should be priests nonsense makes you think stupid thoughts -:shrug:

The secular fundamentalists want you to believe it is pedophilia which is the sexual abuse of babies and toddlers which is committed mainly by heterosexual men and some women(4-5% of heterosexuals suffer from this affliction-which through prayer can be resisted and I’m sure many do).Hebephelia is the sexual abuse of post pubescent boys and young men which is committed by a minority of homosexuals-In homosexual circles these men are referred to as “chickenhawks”.The problem the church faces when 80% of the victims are young men and post pubescent boys is one of hebephelia-crimes committed by a MINORITY of homosexuals who happen to be priests.Pray for the suffering of their victims,who MUST be compensated and for the agonies of the 98.8% of priests both heterosexual and same sex attracted who embrace their chasitity and are truly in personae Christi.The rest?Pray for them,forgive them,jail them,laicise them,shun them.Let them spend the rest of their lives in prayer,atonement and shame.

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