Italo Greeks?

Does anyone here have any info on the Italo Greek community in NY? How often do they meet and where? Any other Italo-Greek communities in the US? (I am aware of Fr Francis in Vegas who calls himself Italo Greek). I know there probably arent any other church groups in the US but how about any cultural groups or clubs? :slight_smile:

The NY mission is only one other listed, besides Las Vegas, on the “Find-A-Parish -> By Church” in the US. The link there to the mission isn’t working now but their website appears to be here.

…The purpose of the Italian Byzantine Rite Catholic Mission of Our Lady of Grace is the re-establishment of the Italo-Greek and Italo-Albanian Rite in the United States of America. …Our Lady of Grace Society sponsors an Italo-Greek Divine Liturgy, usually held on the first Sunday of each month. For more information please call: 718-987-8098 to confirm time and locations.

The Las Vegas church link isn’t current either on the “Find-A-Parish”. It seems to be here: Our Lady of Wisdom

Those links are now working on the “Find-A-Parish” website.

Note again, that the website for Our Lady of Grace, NY says:

Please*** always *** call (718) 987 8098, in advance, to verify exact location and times.

The Our Lady of Grace site also lists the Our Lady of Grace Society at Telephone: 1-516-236-7045. Either number might have some feedback about your question.

I think that Our Lady of Grace meets at one of the Ukrainian Catholic parishes in Staten Island. If I remember correctly they have the Italo-Graeco-Albanian Divine Liturgy once per month. I never actually got around to attending but plan to do so one day when visiting my family in the area.

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