Italy arrests doctors suspected of taking bribes to discourage breast feeding

The Carabinieri today placed 12 doctors under house arrest for accepting bribes from baby formula makers to promote it over breast milk.

Police have been investigating “a common and widespread practice” in which pediatricians “prescribe baby milk formula to newborns in exchange for bribes in the form of luxury gifts and costly holidays”, a statement said.

Two of the doctors put under arrest were chief pediatricians in hospitals, the statement said. Five sales representatives for three different companies and one executive were also under house arrest, police said, without giving names.

The sales representatives “contacted the pediatricians to urge them to prescribe baby formula to newborns, going against unanimous scientific opinion on the need to promote the use of mother’s milk”, the police statement said.

Good News.
I personally believe that breastfeeding was the way that god intended mothers to nurture their babies.

The article uses the word “prescribe”.

I assume this means that the doctors told mothers to specifically not breastfeed and to fill a prescription for formula?


I nursed all my children. I believe formula feeding can be a safe healthy option, but that choice should be up to the parents taking in all the factors, not a doctor needing kickbacks.


One wonders whether this influences anything. I know if the doctor for any of my daughters counseled them to use formula instead of breast-feeding, they probably wouldn’t challenge the doctor, but he wouldn’t be the doctor for the next birth because they would think him a fool.

Breast milk is hands down better. I feel so sorry for mothers who are incapable of doing this.

Good, I’m glad they are arrested.

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