Italy expels 2 Moroccans for threatening Catholic churches


**MILAN (AP) — Italy has expelled two Moroccans who caused disturbances in Catholic churches as part of a wider effort to reduce terrorism threats, the country’s top security official said Thursday.

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano detailed the deportations to lawmakers but didn’t say if the action was inspired by Tuesday’s killing in France of a Catholic priest during Mass. Nations across Europe are reconsidering security arrangements at Christian places of worship following the priest’s slaying by two young men claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group.

Alfano said Italy has deported 102 foreigners suspected of links to Islamic militants since the beginning of 2015 in hopes of reducing the threat of attacks. Among them have been eight imams, including one shipped home Tuesday to Morocco.

He said the two expulsions to Morocco involved a 25-year-old man who threw a 300-year-old wooden crucifix to the ground earlier this month inside a Venice church and a 69-year-old man who burst into a church last year in Trentino, northern Italy, and shouted abusive statements about Catholicism.**

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That’s good that terrorism was likely prevented. Of course, liberal Democrats will play on “discrimination” if we tried that in the United States.



Prudence is the mother of virtues.

Unless we acknowledge that reality is as it is, we cannot reasonably confront the problems that it poses.

Hopefully other Western countries will wake up to this fact sooner rather than later.


The United States doesn’t want to. This action would be deemed “racist” and “Islamophobic” towards our “culturally-diverse Muslim neighbors” or something.

But the truth can only be unveiled when you have an open mind.


Tell me about it. Muslims have been controlling the political climate in our country, directly or indirectly, for over 20 years. Their typical strategy is either (a) “Give us these rights, or we won’t vote for you”, or (b) playing the victim card when they get into clashes with Hindus, regardless of who instigated what. It’s tremendously effective :frowning:


I was reading a book about a month or so ago called “Exit Right”. Pretty much, it was about political writers and politicians who were “Leftists” early in their career and became Conservative or neo-cons. One of the events that it mentioned was Jews becoming considered the oppressor by the Left instead of the oppressed. It goes back to the Yom Kippur war, where the State of Israel was attacked on all sides by its Muslim neighbors on Yom Kippur. Israel quickly turned the tables (thanks in large part to US weapons), and finished the war by occupying the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Golan Heights. Due to this, Israel has been considered the oppressor ever since by the Left.


Gosh, that sounds like the mirror opposite of the United States, where Muslims definitely do not “control the political climate” or “play the victim card.” Here, it’s Israel that would be described that way.


By any chance, have you ever studied the history of terrorism in Israel?


I am glad that Italy has done this. Anyone who threatens terrorism ought to be expelled from the nation or at least face some sort of criminal charges which would include prison time. If someone threatens to commit a terrorist attack then we should take them seriously and do all that we can to prevent them from carrying out an attack.




I have no problem with this. Immigrants who come to countries and break laws face the risk of being deported.


What if it is “discriminatory” or “offensive”? (Sarcasm) :frowning:


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