Italy Virus Containment Measures Extended to Entire Country

Seems that all of Italy is being quarantined. Scary stuff.

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I think I read, no sports events in Italy until April 3rd, so that’s something, it won’t be forever.

I’m still unsure of how this illness took such a hold in Italy.

" Six inmates have died after riots broke out at 27 prisons in Italy over new restrictions aimed at controlling the spread of coronavirus, local media say."

Useful info, sadly, yesterday, Sunday, saw like over 100 people died in Italy.

But I’m sure they and we too, will ride through this eventually. I hope soon.

April 3rd:

Hopefully, this will end soon. Who knows?

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I think it will go on for months, but if we are hygienic and practice social distancing, the lives lost will be moderate.

Controlling the flow of sick like a dam controls water so the largest percentage can get care.

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I have wondered the same thing @Victoria33
how this sickness was able to infect so many in Italy.

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If I had to guess, shared prepared food. :baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread:

Social customs may be a result to some degree. Italians are very ‘hands on’ unlike some other European nations. Friends hugging you is more common in my own culture than it once was but nothing compared to Italy where people hug constantly and guys each other on cheeks etc. I’ve worked with a lot of Italians at one point when younger and people are much more openly demonstrative of emotion physically. They consider us northern Europeans a bit cold in that regard some times. Those customs sadly may have to be modified if this persists which would be a shame as there’s a lot to be said for the more warm emotional climate in Italian culture.


It may have something to do with the age of Italy’s population. Italy has the highest average age of any country in Europe, so has a significant number of its population more prone to catching the virus and suffering its more serious effects.

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Another point worth noting as well. Certainly it is a national tragedy for Italy of a kind unprecedented in Western Europe for many, many years.

It’s not totally so… but a lot of the illnesses now and it could be nothing but a coincidence, is setting itself up on the 40th parallel.
Another view:
Has to be a coincidence, it misses Washington state but in a general way, the hotspots seem to be near there so far. I don’t see how this could have a significance but I did see it mentioned. Somewhat rough.

A 100 year old man recovered from coronavirus:

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