It's a baby.


Given the sickness of this “family” life for the Cheney’s–it does stand-out to me, that she did say about her yet unborn child: “This is a baby, … a blessing from God. … not a prop to be used in a debate by people on either side of an issue. It is my child.”

Though it might be far removed from Cheney, and her partner of fifteen years, Poe, it does now remain probable that we might have Pro-Life activists on the homosexual side of the fence that remain unmarried.

She does now present to us at the national level of publicity, and indeed international level, that Pro-Life is inclusive of children born into homosexual relationships that are not marriage relationships, but partnerships: the child is wanted. All children are born into sin; hence, the need for baptisim is clear.

Might as well take the positive as it exists in this situation; though the child is a bastard–it is a child; since the moment of conception as well, in Cheney’s eyes, and a work of God we should not doubt, but will we add insult to injury and dwell on the milk that has been spilled: it is a child that is to be born into a family without heterosexual parents and therefore, to be found raised with a view in approval of homosexual partnerships; in approval of what essentially amounts to the procreation of bastardized children; in approval of what amounts to children born alienated from the natural order of human reproduction, in addition to the natural order of traditional family members.

How as a society do we raise this child? This is a child that if permitted to be born–will grow-up alongside other children: we might presume that the child will grow-up with other more “elite” members of our society–children of well-to-do, very powerful, and often quite intelligent parents/grandparents and the like, that will forever lay a claim to a significant portion of American history. We can see Cheney’s and Poe’s “child” or “adopted child” growing-up in the face of criticisms among other children like quite a few children of divorcees: where’s your daddy? I don’t know but you can find my granddaddy’s name in history, and my mother’s. Where’s your family name in history? Gosh! How can you be one-up on that? What will happen if the father is identified, and has a decision to marry and raise the child just to be part of the Cheney legacy, and political position in America? Yikes! Every donor to a sperm-bank is running around America: I donated to a sperm-bank, and look what it got me–a child born to Dick Cheney’s daughter! Yahoo! Can this be a contradiction of any theory at all pertaining to eugenics?

It is a child, and a child born into sin, and as Cheney said, “a blessing from God”.


Ms. Cheney’s comments stood out to me too. Yes, it is a baby, not a political statement, but a baby. She carries her child, likely created through reproductive technology that separated the formation of human life from the sexual act.

I think it’s terrible sad when children are created in situations that deny the child a father’s love. But we live in a society that has already pretty much declared fathers “unneccesary”. And we live in a society that already separated making babies from the sexual act, first through contraception and now through sperm donation and IVF.

Homosexuals didn’t develop contraception; heterosexuals did. Most people demanding “no-fault” divorce were* heterosexuals*, which runs on the assumption that children don’t need to live with both mother and father. Most out-of-wedlock births happen because of heterosexual activity outside marriage. Reproductive technologies primarily developed for heterosexual married couples who struggled with infertility. We opened Pandora’s box and we don’t know how to close it.

Ms. Cheney has the part about her baby being a baby correct, which is a better understanding than many heterosexuals in the pro-choice crowd. Children often pay the price for the sins of their parents. They are children, not political statements. Yet our politicians have sadly let us down by making political statements and laws that fail to protect children and the family.


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