It's a hockey night




In that case, GO PENS!!!



SID GENO AND PHIL, greatest triumvirate since Rome


( I do miss Flower though…)


Indeed. He is everything sweet, good and smiling.


Yes, I wish him nothing but the best.



That said, I might be moving to the Bay Area soon. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sharks. We might see how my Blackhawks loyalties survive being that close to my second favorite team. It survived living in Tampa even during the Stanley Cup finals, but that was against the Hawks, and I don’t like Tampa as much as San Jose.


(I think they eat Penguins, so…)


I’m not sure about eating penguins, but we can at least find camaraderie in being the two teams everyone hates for being too good.


Let’s Go Pens!!! :penguin::ice_hockey::ice_skate:


ooh, you’ll get to see Karlsson if you move to the Bay.

I feel so bad for Ottawa fans. They’re like, hockey’s book of Job right now.


I must always defend the honor of this legendary everyman, this Wisconsin chucklehead, this American hero, from every onslaught from the press that I feel is unjust.


Yes, that is true. Like that old ad on TV years ago, with the song “Why cant we be Friends?”


Does Ottawa have fans anymore after the Karlsson trade?

Does Kessel really get a lot of hate anymore? I’ve heard that Toronto’s media picked on him a lot, but he seems to be a well-loved player.


Let’s Go Red Wings!


The media in Pittsburgh attacked him over the summer, they floated a lot of rumors about him and talked about rifts with the coach but it was baloney. A lot of those people were angry because Phil didn’t want to speak with the media after the Pens lost. He didn’t play as well in the spring because he was hurt but he had one of his best years ever otherwise. He is very well loved by the fans! :blush:

Does Ottawa have fans anymore after the Karlsson trade?

They still have Dutchie Duchene but he won’t be obligated to stay too long, either. I suppose it’s a matter of whether he wants to stay close to his hometown or try to win a Cup somewhere else. I would expect he’d want to leave. He can always move back to Ontario later but a player only has so much time to compete for a cup!


I think you all mean:

Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion


And, as I used to say in my .signature when those were a thing:
Dominae Dominique: Elvis ex aedificio exiit!

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