"its against my relationship to have a religion"

How do you respond to a Baptist who posts this quote?

“It’s against my relationship with the person I love to get married.” It makes about as much sense.


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I haven’t heard that argument before, so I haven’t figured out a response, yet. :popcorn:

Maybe he means that he has a personal relationship with Jesus, and that having a religion (as in an organized,rule orientated, and man made organization) would put a barrier between him and Jesus.

I can’t think of any other meaning, unless he got his words mixed up…

It seems puzzling to me if the person who says that is Baptist, because the last time I checked, Baptist is considered to be a religion.

It’s important to understand what “religion” means in this context. Most likely, this person means something like “a system of rituals by which man connects to God” so that merely conducting religious acts somehow merits favor with God.

As a Baptist, this person is thinking that religious acts by themselves profit nothing. Someone can be as religious as possible and still not had a true life changing encounter with Jesus Christ. In other words, it is possible to conform to Christian behavior on the outside while still being spiritually dead on the inside.

What is needed is less “religion” in this negative sense of the word and more authentic encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, who is the only one capable of changing us and making us new creations from the inside out rather than the outside in.

Once someone has truly encountered the person of Jesus Christ and is changed inwardly, the outward behavior befitting a Christian will manifest itself as the person progresses in their walk with Christ.

I assume there is some context within which this comment was made. The context might effect my reply somewhat…but…

Taking it as presented - in isolation - I would have to respond with some questions. What does he mean by “religion”? Then I would want to be sure I understood the meaning of the word and go from there. That would be my initial approach.

Usually such comments are in response to disillusionment with the hypocrisy of people in an established organized “religion” or a rejection of what is seen as “man made rules” etc.
It is a sort of “go it alone” attitude, a "me and Jesus (and the Bible) sort of mentality that is actually quite non, (even anti) biblical.

So if I am correct in my assumptions here for his reason and his outlook, then this will be the direction I would want to steer the conversation so that the proper seeds can be planted.


Ah, the clone wars. To fear & control what is not understood or accepted.

“Then you seem to have a dis-ordered relationship…I’d be happy to help you get it squared away” :smiley:


Oh ok if you assumption is true how can I show that the “go it alone” attitude is unbiblical?

I recently was told someting very much like this by a kin of mine. I’ll post my whole response to her (the pertinent parts) and hopefully you can flesh something out of this that will be helpful to you.

"To use your own description, you have a “connection [relationship] with God”. This is where the word “religion” comes from. “Relgio”, Latin, to fix oneself, adhere to, connect. Our “religion” is our “connecting” or “fixing ourselves” to God. How do we go about doing that? And did God give us any instructions on how to do it more fully? (You bet He did!)

Definitely, we are called to have a personal relationship with God. Part of that relationship involves giving ourselves to Him and subjecting ourselves to Him and His Will. Part of His Will is for us to be in communion with His Body, the Church Col 1:8, 1Cor 12:20-27, Eph 5:30, Rom 12:4-5, 1Cor 6:15.…]. And part of the beauty of the Church is that God promised that the Church would be the pillar and foundation of His Truth 1Tim 3:15] and would speak with the very voice of Christ and the Holy Spirit Lk 10:16, Acts 15:28], and that He would lead it for all time in all Truth Jn 16:13, 14:26, 1Jn 2:27, Mt 28:20]. So why would anyone NOT want to accept the “ruling on what is law” when it is GOD’s law and God’s ruling? (Probably because they are not convinced yet that God gave us rules to follow, right? Or might it be simply that they can’t distinguish between which rules are the “right” rules, which church is The Church, etc…?)

And what is “love” [or a relationship], if it doesn’t involve accepting what God gave us? Can we truly love God if we do not accept what He wants to give us?"

In response to those who say that they love God, or Jesus, but hate “organized religion,” the great Catholic author R.A. Lafferty said that’s like saying you love everything about animals, you just hate their organs, and their bones, and their skin, and their fur.

The Church literally is the Mystical Body of Christ, and He clearly included it in our plan for Salvation.

You could respond with this graphic: http://chirho.me/memes/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Willy-Wonka-Loves-Religion-and-Jesus.png Specifically, you might ask him how he interprets James 1:27. If he hates religion, does he hate that verse?

Jesus had a relationship with God the Father and was very religious.

He went to all the Jewish festivals and feasts, observed the Jewish law, kept the sabbath, told his followers to do and obey whatever they were told to do by the Temple authorities, etc.

Jesus without religion is like coffee without a cup.


IMO, this is a relatively new gimmick to distance one group from others and make themselves look superior.

If by “religion” they specifically refer to the Holy Catholic Church - which they almost certainly are, why the gimmick teaching - I’d respond that nobody can have a real, perfected relationship with Christ outside of the Holy Catholic Church and her sacraments.

The Baptist’s “relationship” with Christ is mostly a product of his/her (faulty) mind.

Then why do you continue to go to an organized church service instead of reading the Bible at home.

Being a Baptist, he is probably an advocate of Bible Alone basis for his beliefs. So I would say something like this:
"my Brother in Christ, In the King James Bible the Letter of James Chapter 1 and Verse 27 it says that religion before God and the Father is to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself undefiled from the world. Those things should be an intimate part of your relation with God.

Please explain how religion as defined in James 1:27 can be against your relationship with God."

You have given a good view, on how many non-catholics see us.
To one without faith, participating in the Mass is just that, a religious action. Without Christ it is impossible to conform to a Christian life.

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