It's baaack! The Jerry Springer opera

with its full-force blasphemy. Why did he do this, anyway? Wasn’t he all about pretending to moderate between white trash and nuts of any color? Usually, being not practicing leaves people in that kind of darkness.

I’ll take MONEY for a thousand, Alex.

I suppose that could be. If Bill Maher were doing it, I would think it’s pure rage about something, disguised by a devlish grin and calculated vitriol.

My brother had a Mao shirt on and accused the opponent of Obama as a terrorist, torturer or something extreme like that. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or point it out. That’s education in universities these days for ya. For people like P.T. Myers to say he uses reason is like N. Korea calling itself a Democratic People’s Republic. Springer pretends to be reasonable, though he at least surrounds himself with camp, as opposed to pseudo-intellectuals in atheist-factories AKA most universities.

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