It's been 2000 about another revelation or something?

Why has God left us alone for so long now.

isn’t 2000yrs long enough.

we need him to reveal himself or communicate with mankind again or something.

2000 years???

Who says that hasn’t happened, even before Jesus and up to the present day even outside the Church? And “communicate” is a wide open word in this case, and even has some implications as to what constitutes God. It almost sounds like you wish there would be a second coming or incarnation? “God” may have more surprises up “His” sleeve than anyone imagined, or can.

It is funny, Jesus did say he was coming soon… Guess soon has different definitions, heh…

No to be honest, I’m wondering if those passages weren’t legit. Considering it’s been this long…

Just wonder why He left us high and dry for so long. Seriously, 2,000 years IS a long time!

something, anything

2000years …

Didn’t Jesus say soon?

that “some here today will not taste death”

i think we need to hold God more accountable

something, anything…2000yrs…

Well… didn’t He come and speak to Joseph Smith and appoint him the new leader of the universe??

jk :wink:

If one does a detailed study of the scriptures, one can see that revelation, prophesy, etc, all pointed towards the coming of Christ. He fulfilled the revelation of the Old Testament. That’s why Jerusalem was in a fervor when Jesus entered on what we call Palm Sunday. They were expecting a Messiah, that had been promised nearly 500 years go, and here was the fulfillment of that prophesy (since he had raised Lazarus from the dead).

That pretty much closes public revelation, which is probably what you are referring to. But God still works through his Church, which reflects the revelation of 2000 years ago. If you are looking for spectacular interaction, the Church documents miracles, saints, etc., all who witness to God

oh yeah…

really, i’m mad at him, it’s ridiculous for all his believers.

do something, anything Lord, please…we’re weary…

Faith and trust, my friends! :slight_smile:

He speak daily to your heart. He speaks through the Church. There are lots of miracles out there in which He teaches us something. He speaks through His mother and the other saints.

Remember, even when He was standing right in front of people, they didn’t listen. Don’t be so sure He’s wasn’t standing in front of you today.

Well, there are other alternative interpretations without going all atheist on yourself. Like it says in the play: "Think, Arthur; think!’

By the way, I enjoyed that joke! :slight_smile:

What planet are you on? God has never lost communication with Earth. He has sent Mary any number of times with His message to pray and repent. And to individual people He is communicating continuously. Even I was privileged to hear Him on one occasion. I suspect you’re just not listening. Jesus has appeared to many saints with His messages of love and forgiveness. He appeared to St. Faustina in the last century with His message of Divine Mercy, stating that anyone who goes to Confession and Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday, and asks for a plenary indulgence removing all sin and punishment due for sins, will receive that grace. He has appeared to many saints. Do some research.

excuses, excuses

we need action

2000yrs, soon means soon

i’m not afraid to challenge Him. the old testament folks did it all the time.

give us a break Lord,put a cross on the moon or something, anything.


What about Fatima? If you count events like that, he hasn’t left us COMPLETELY high and dry.

Edit: Also, if you think about it. Fatima had more witnesses than most biblical miracles (except the Exodus and the Revelation at Sinai).

Not to be facetious, but someone on another thread claimed that Jesus said that for God a “day” is like a thousand years. Still doesn’t jibe with the fossil record, then, about the six days, but maybe He left off a few 0’s. But like I said, there are alternatives to what we think of as God communicating with us in what I guess you might call the “Biblical” sense.

Side bar: Little Jimmy was praying fervently, asking to speak with God. As it happened, God had a moment and suddenly the little guy heard:“Yes Jimmy, what is it?” Jimmy almost freaked, bu got it together, and had a short conversation with God about a few things. they covered some topics, but Jimmy was still curious: " How long is a second, for you, God?" “Well, for me, it’s like a million years on Earth.” Jimmy was amazed, and all saucer-eyed. “and what’s a penny for you, God?” he asked. “Well, Jimmy, for me a penny is like a million dollars on Earth.” Jimmy thought for a bit, and then said “God, can I have a penny?” God answered: “Sure; just a second…”

private revelations mean nothing except to the individual.
that’s why the church doesn’t sanction them.

we don’t even have to believe in Fatima according to the church.

we deserve a mass miracle or private revelations for all believers all at once.

we don’t live in God’s time, we live in our time…2000yrs

Our Lord Jesus Christ gives Himself to us in the Eucharist and the other sacraments.

We have the gift of faith. We neither need require or deserve anything else.

We can become saints if we dare to use all the treasures He gave us.

The sun miracle at Fatima wasn’t a mass miracle? 70,000 people saw that one!

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