It's been one year!

Well, technically, one year on the 15th, but…you know what I mean!

What an amazing year! I was blessed to be asked onto the RCIA team and in some small way help other souls find Catholic truth! I still feel full of the Holy Spirit and eager to help my parish in any way, especially in bringing people into the faith. In practically every prayer I say, I thank the Lord for bringing me home to Mother Church. It has SO expanded my awareness of my personal faith and the importance of living a selfless life. I’ve finally, after 30 years, realized this whole Christianity thing isn’t all about me but how I treat and help others! God bless you all and I hope this has been a meaningful Easter for you all!

Congratulations on a worthwhile year. It’s nice that you are able to give back and help others on their journey home.

Thank you!

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