Its been short.

Well I’ve not been here too long, but I feel that I have nothing left to gain by staying. I had hopped to learn more about the CC and also correct the misinformation being spread about my beliefs. Sadly it is no longer a good use of my time.

To the few who have engaged in discussions on various topics in an open and honest manor I say thank you.

For those traffic in lies and hate under the guise Christianity, shame on you.

Tho those who will continue to lie about the LDS (or other faiths) your judgment will be in Gods hands.

I have seen that far to few here can get beyond their hatred of those who believe differently than they do. Bullying masquerading as religious discussion is still bullying.

Farewell until the bar of Christ.

I’m sorry, truly, to read this post as what you describe has not been my experience on this Board at all in the, admittedly relatively short, time I’ve fellowshiped here. For what it is worth, I’d be happy to disucss any subject with you at any time in a respectful and Christian manner. If you are LDS, I have other friends in this faith and we could share experiences, theology, scripture interpretation, etc. For the record, I’m Protestant, but with a very close affinity to the Catholic church.



I echo Robbinson’s feelings. I, too, have not seen what you mention, but instead have read sincere disagreements (though sometimes by empassioned LDS and ex-LDS). I’ve made an effort to learn all I can about the LDS faith and culture from many different sources as I live in Utah County, Utah. I do not feel that I’ve seen any misrepresentation or lies as you mention, though there have clearly been “battles” by many participants on both sides who are close to and feel strongly about the subjects in discussion.

Good luck, continue to seek truth, and God bless! Good Catholics and other Christians are always available to answer questions from sincere seekers.


Judging by the few posts that I’ve seen of yours, I’m sorry that you are leaving.

Farewell, friend, and may almighty God bless you with Grace, Peace, and Truth.

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