It's confession time! Please admit you violate this scripture.. and repent



Everyone, especially these days, violates St. Matthew 25:31-46… (Whatever you do or do not do to/for the least of my brethren, Christ says, you do/don’t do to/for Him).

We Christians often treat each other like dirt!

a cursory purusal of these forums will substantiate this claim…

Even to think negatively about a Christian or wannabe Christian (:rolleyes:) is to think negatively about Christ…

So… have you thought awful things about your neighbor lately?

I have… i have thought that it would be nice if s/he got beamed up to Mars

which, as you know, is uninhabitable… :smiley:


I would post my sins, but, I do not wish to break the seal of Confession. Because, after Confession, the post of my sins would still be around.


i think the only way to break the confessional seal is if the priest repeats your sins… not you… (?) always wondered about that, though…

you make a good point… about how your sins would ‘still be around’…

but i just posted this because i don’t want to feel like the only misanthrope in the world…


Plus it just seems like nobody takes this scripture passage seriously… well, OK… won’t say NObody… just NOt too many…

or am i jaded??? :confused:



Well I was thinking yesterday that if my ex husband were to suddenly disappear, that would work quite well for me. There is a part in the bible were it talks about the return and one being taken and one staying, and I often said to God 'listen I don’t care whether my ex is taken or I am, but please try and arrange it that we don’t both go to the same place"

I’ve forgiven the man but boy is it hard to try and love Him as my neighbour. I am starting to think the best thing is to pretend he doesn’t exist, then I won’t be placed in a position of thinking negative thoughts about Him. I don’t know if I can love Him, but I can try and pray for Him and put him up to God, and I can try and work on not thinking bad thoughts about him.

So if loving our neighbour is about doing good works for them like praying then I can do that. If it is loving him as you love someone, then I think he might have to turn into Jesus for me to do that. I can see the child in him as a beloved child of God and his actions as darkness and so I can try and love the child in him and respect that God does love him and I can hate the sin.

If God ever wants me to fall in love with him, then that would take like a major miracle or brain damage occuring.


Oh yes, I know it violate that all the time! I also repent and try to post encouraging words as well. I’m not argumentative all the time! :wink:

But that just begs the question… we come here to debate the faith, but obvisouly there are threads that just invite us to quarrel and bicker, by posters that attack a position of the faith or the faith itself. By joining in are we not avoiding the near occasion of sin?


LOL, I hear ya, but it’s the other way around for me. I think… nay - in fact I’m pretty darn sure - he feels that way about me. I still love him but if he ever got around to forgiving me it would take a major miracle or brain damage! :smiley:



this describes to a t every “romance” I’ve ever had…

fortunately… I don’t do romance any more… have been celibate for many years and looks like probably will be forever…

sometimes i don’t like that… :frowning:

but when i think of the price i’d have to pay to have someone… well, i don’t have that kind of “money”… :hypno::banghead::ouch:


yeah… i know the feeling… sometimes i tell myself that if i can’t refrain from saying some particular, possibly annoying thing… i should at least look at it such lack of restraint as the sin of wasting time…

it’s a pretty serious sin… because, as we all know, the time any of has is limited…


Every month should be Confession month! At least. More frequent Confession is recommendable.

Look at it as “imunization” or preventative medicine". You don’t stop taking a medicine just because blood/sugar level is good now.

Frequent Confession it is said is more effective at combating the evil one than an exorcism.
Besides, it is an inexhaustible source of renewable grace! How can we be satisfied with the minimum once a year.?!

Just an advice,…take it or leave it.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


While I do pray for all my Catholic brothers and sisters almost daily, some of you are pretty stupid. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel the same way. Am a 26 “virile” gay man but I always confess that my greatest sin is the lack of charity to my brethren. I really have no patience for them.

Am trying my best though, but that wall is HIGH lemme tell ya.


I think what’s supposed to happen is that you fall in love with God and with some aspect of His Kingdom, and the rest begins, bit by bit, to take care of itself.
Anything you can do to fan that flame is a step in the right direction.


Some of us just need an extra prayer or two. And sinners in their last agony need all the prayers we can muster. And let’s not forget the Church Suffering!

An act of contrition can be offered up for all three :wink: :smiley:

I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sister, that I have sinned in my own thoughts, in my own words, in what I have done and what I have failed to do. I detest and reject all of my sins, for they have offended my Lord and King, whom is All-Good, deserving of all my love. And I ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the choirs of angels, the whole Church Triumphant, and you my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord, our God, that, by His grace, I will make a good Confession, do penance, and amend my life, and be found worthy of communion with God, in this world and in the World to Come, at every hour of every day.


i had forgotten about that…

thanks for reminding us… :slight_smile:


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