It's difficult to pray for myself


I find it very difficult to pray for myself because when I look at all the blesings I do have and how other people are suffering in their own unique ways, some of these being people who have no one else to pray for them, I just can’t imagine asking God for anything else – even though I’m not actually so pious as all that but am actually quite greedy, often discontent with what I do have. For example, my counsellor advised that I perhaps should begin praying that God introduce me to the nice, young, attractive, Catholic woman I’m supposed to meet. I don’t know how I could even begin praying for something like that. I’d rather pray that I find contentment with where my current station in life is rather than praying for something which may never come. And when I pray for my own mental and emotional crosses, I often pray for everyone else who suffers from them, not really concentrating the attention on me. I very rarely ask God for anything more than ‘help’ and ‘forgiveness,’ and even this seems like a lot, at times, give what I do.


Hiyas Epistemes:)

Thanks for this post. I always thought I was alone.

’ I very rarely ask God for anything more than ‘help’ and 'forgiveness,]"…but I do often ask for guidance, when praying for others.

I spend a lot of time in prayer for others.
‘My time’ with Him, is more a reverent time of meditation / contemplation I really donno what to call it ].


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