It's Getting to Where I Can't Listen to Catholic Radio

Peace to Everyone :slight_smile:

Is it me? Or is Catholic radio becoming too single-minded on the topic of abortion? Don’t get me wrong, I well know that abortion is a hideous sin and the scourge of our times, but more and more I’m finding that the never-ending discussion of this issue, to the exclusion of all else, leaves me despondent.

I look to Catholic media to enlighten my faith, give me inspiration/encouragement/hope, make me think/pray/laugh. Every time the topic turns to abortion, which seems inevitable, my soul is weighted down. In my mind I see the images of those mutilated little bodies and I just can’t stand it anymore! :frowning:

Any suggestions, good people? Should I just turn to Christian radio?


I agree that there’s a lot of preaching to the choir on the subject.

This explains why absolutely everything DH talks about has to do with abortion. I swear that guy can be talking about the weather and abortion will be weaved in there somehow. Listening to it all day must have an impact.

I wondered where he had gotten it from.

No suggestions, but your post explains a lot, and for that I thank you!

But many of us (including myself) may listen and agree, but do nothing about it. Maybe this continuous talk about abortion will get more of us to act and do something about it. :rolleyes:

Why don’t you try SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel? They talk about abortion on occasions, but they also focus a lot more on other issues relevant to Catholics. For example, Busted Halo has a show where you call in with Mass questions and prayer requests.

Very fun, down to earth. I think you’d like it! :slight_smile:

You know, I think you’ve hit on my problem. You see, I was an XM subscriber and I listened to the Catholic Channel all the time while I was at work. It’s when my subscription expired that I turned to the local air waves.

I will look for the podcasts of Busted Halo and whatever else is out there. I do listen to SQPN podcasts.

Thanks for the tip!

It can be very difficult to listen to Catholic radio sometimes. It is not so much the talk about abortion that gets me as it is other life issues. One day they were talking about assisted suicide and then the next day they were talking about embryonic stem cell research and cloning. I think what makes me the maddest is it seems hopeless, overwhelming and as if there really isn’t anything I can do about it

I know it is difficult to listen to. But it is actually a great honor that Jesus is allowing you to suffer in His pain. We can block this out; think about other things 23 hours of the day–but this evil is always ever present to Jesus. So offer it up to Him and unite your suffering over it with His suffering. The world really is a mess and it would be great if we could all just tuck it away and not deal with it.

I would like to see Catholic radio program a music hour or something. Maybe two–one with contemporary Catholic music–to bring in the audience and then another one with sacred music. If even 10% of those who tune in to hear music, listen on to the next program (like Fr. Corapi or Fr. Richards) it would do a lot of good.

P.S. I don’t find anything more depressing than reading comments by viewers on news websites like CNN or my local newspaper. They are truly frightening when you see the way the so many people think.

Well I suppose good folks got tired of nonstop talk about slavery in the 1850’s, and anti-semitism in the 1940’s, and communism in the 1950’s, and racism in the 1960’s…
Every era and every age has its atrocities and it is the burden of good people to witness to the truth with hope and determination.

There was an AWESOME movie about the leading abolitionist in Great Britain (Amazing Grace) a few years ago. Try watching that for a great reassurance that “issue exhaustion” may not be in vain even when it seems like it is.

But it is also true that the fight is not what sustains us. God sustains us and we fight as an EFFECT of the difference He has made in our hearts. We cannot let that fight supplant Him from His primary place in our vision and our lives.

Do you have Relevant Radio by you? I find they do a good balance job. And they offer podcasts, I think.

Thank you for understanding. Turtle. :slight_smile:

I agree with everything you said. I suppose lately it’s just been “getting” to me and I just want some balance. Some uplifting and edifying conversation amid the constant admonishments on abortion.

It’s just that we get enough of the gloom and doom from the rest of the media!

Are you listening to EWTN Radio?

We just got access to the Radio station located in Omaha, about three months ago. Its so nice to be able to listen to Catholic Radio here. They have a call in show daily that’s related to EWTN and every day is a different topic; Monday is Apologetics ( I think ), Tuesday is Pro Life, etc… Its called Open Line. There’s a different host every day. And they also have Catholic Answers Live every Monday - Friday.

And Abortion is a topic that…well, we’re on the verge of losing the war for Life…

Our radio here in seattle is rounded we hear about abortion yes, from the ewtn feed and also have our local programing.
I wish we would have heard alot more about abortion from the radio, the tv, the newspapers, and the sermons maybe we would not be where we are at today.
look at how many catholics voted for our President.
i hope we don’t turn away the fight continues.:slight_smile:

I am relieved to hear EWTN standing up for the biggest genocide in all of the history of the world! This is the one safe place that views and reports on abortion as catholics should view it, never mind our Lord.

As someone who has had an abortion and gets out there and does the sidewalk counseling in front of abortion clinics (holding my sign that says, “I regret my abortion”) . I truly appreciate EWTN for giving me that encouragement. Many of us have been silent with shame and grief for too long. It’s time to talk about this over the airwaves, in the schools and on every main stream media there is.

It is sickening that we would rather listen to the injustices of waterboarding on live TV but we are going to complain when we hear too much about the actual tortue and murder of the most helpless of us all. on catholic radio!!!

Catholics, let’s evaluate our “luxury problems” and get with the program. Women deserve better than abortion and us sitting around blogging and complaining about the best thing that has happened to educationg catholics (EWTN radio) is just sinful!

. . . I don’t blame them. I think it’s fine that many Catholic radio people talk about abortion, homosexual “marriage”, assisted suicide and the like.

Too many Catholics out there are intentionally blocking out these things simply because they are inconvenient, and because the Obama maelstrom against human dignity is at its height.

I think the Obama stuff will fade in the next few months as political reality sets in, but liberals everywhere are juiced on their own gas. . . wait for another lap and they’ll start falling over.

I consider myself a political moderate. I’m shocked by the aggressive anti-humanism of the new administration.

I find that it really depends on what program you listen to. For example the EWTN Open Line program really covers a whole range of topics. Same for Catholic Answers Live.

Some other programs seem to really zero in on abortion. Certainly a topic worth discussing. But for example the morning program with Teresa Tomeo seems like it’s a 50/50 mix of abortion and other (often lurid) topics. I do get the sense that it’s preaching to the choir. Although you never know who might happen across it when hitting “scan” on the radio dial.

Overall I find Catholic Radio to have very much an “apologetics” focus, which certainly has its place and is probably well suited to a radio format. But it gets to be a bit repetitive after a while (same topics and questions and answers over and over again). You get to the point where you can refute point by point, e.g. the notion that Mary had other children, or why Catholics call priests “Father”, but *defending *the faith is just one side of *living *the faith. I really think it works best for the casual listener who tunes in occasionally, but it gets old pretty quickly if you try to listen for several hours each day.

Totally agree. The issue of abortion is boring, boring, boring! And SUCH a downer! It would be SO cool to be able to be a christian without having to deal with all that dark stuff. One day they even followed one of those aggravating right-to-life snoozers with some excruciatingly tedious story on persecution of the faithful in muslim lands. ACK!

Hey—do what I do when that borefest comes on—put on some Beatles or Beach Boys until it’s over.

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
Life goes on, bra
La la how the life goes on
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
Life goes on, bra
La la how the life goes on
And if you want some fun
take Ob-la-di-bla-da!!!

It would be so cool to be like all those christians of the early church—jamming on our guitars and tellin’ each other our feel good “testimonies”! Rock on!

(They didn’t call St. John Chrysostom “Golden Mouth” for nothing! And his backing band could shred!)

And, yes, one can see Beatle Bay from many of the foothills of Christian radio.

It is the mission of Catholic radio to preach the truth and spread the good news. Unfortunately the truth really is hard sometimes-like when it includes the 4,000 babies aborted each day. I don’t think they talk about it too much.

Hear Hear and Jay as you say over there. I fully agree with you that abortion has become a brutal obsession in the minds of many people, including benighted priests who have even blasphemously rewritten the liturgy in terms of their pressure group. When a man held up an aborted foetus picture and said “that’s Jesus , kids” I turned off my computer and during a debate when a man phoned in and described his plans to use a sacred monstrance “to blow the abortion mill demons into the sky”, I realised that some of these people are well and truly mentally ill and dangerously societally subversive too. One again the switch was turned.
I have no truck with any of such when it starts over here, the Pro-Life extremists are leading the church to Hell with these things. Where in the name of all things holy is the charity or goodwill in this toting of horror? Have they forgotten that Jesus never once gave anyone instructions to stand madly praying in front of the places ? as for breaking into them…that is revolutionary violence and Christians are not given that option.As for what they also do to people who have had abortions, it’s sheer stigmatising manipulation and probably drives many people to suicide. If someone told me as a man that I must pray constantly for the delivery of the soul of the child I killed through abortion, I cannot imagine what would happen. God knows only what would occur with my wife if she’d aborted her child. It’s brutalising the repentance process. Ugh !! I now wish the whole thing would go away from our religious conscience, like anything which turns us into pompously narrow-minded fanatics. I would never had said this years ago, but now I even say it to Catholic newspapers. These people have gone too far. Oh and do you know they broadcast the most obscenely distorted statistics in defence of this cause…that’s lying!

I think Catholic Radio folks know the situation is dire of many, probably most, of the (pro-choice) Catholics in the pew.

And the political climate surely is becoming so much more hostile.

Three cheers for Catholic Radio!!

Actually, this message needs to be repeated. Too many people, even those who are pro-
life don’t know all they should on the subject.
As an example, a group I belong to which is pro-life, mentioned doing a “community
project” following a successful bone marrow drive which it sponsorred. The project
involved a foundation to cure a disease. The foundation, however, supports embryonic
stem cell research. They were not aware of this and after pointing it out, I also realized
that most did not even know that there was stem cell research we could support.
After I explained the difference, everyone was in agreement that our community
support should be strictly pro-life in all aspects.


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