'It's like a parallel universe': Trump supporters chant 'lock her up' at West Virginia rally hours after courts dealt major blows to the president



Nobody would have cared about Manafort or Cohen if Hillary had won. They only have legal problems along with Flynn because of Hillary’s humiliating loss.h
This is all about the disgruntled losers going after Trump.
And Hillary has gotten away with a lot.


It is odd especially since Cohen is talking.


Lanny Davis? Another sleazeball who is out to revenge the Hillary loss!


That’s very likely not true. The IRS takes a very dim view of tax evasion.

What is true is that Manafort and Cohen wouldn’t have been on the papers and on TV except for their association with Trump.

So you’re at least half right, but not 100% right.


I imagine they will have evidence of what they claim. Slezeballs tend to cover their own butt. Remember there may be recordings.

But yes, let’s put Hillary in jail for…something. :joy:


Trump’s base in WV is likely to be a lot more interested in the Mollie Tibbetts case than they are in all the Manafort and Cohen stuff.


A federal judge declined to give jail time to former Democratic IT aide Imran Awan Tuesday, saying he has “suffered enough” at the hands of politicians “at the highest levels of government.” In addition, the Department of Justice said it did not find any evidence that supported criminal charges.


Cohen had been on the radar for a while with the justice department. That’s a lot of tax evasion from before the campaign. This wasn’t a Mueller conviction, it was a Southern District of New York conviction.


That’s just very funny. “Lock her up!!” :rofl::joy:


Manafort had twice been investigated by the feds previously, with it being dropped both times. This time it was different because Mueller had enough on Gates to get him to “sing” or “compose”, whichever it was.


Yes, this time they had a cooperating witness.

And you’re still implying (at least) that Andres, Mueller, Rosenstein, et al., suborned perjury.


Still at it with that 2006 prior investigation.:rofl:

Manafort was convicted on:

  • two instances of bank fraud involving transactions between 2015 and 2017;
  • filing a false tax return in each of the years from 2010 through 2014;
  • not filing a form in 2012 to report a foreign bank account as required.
    Note the years - all > 2006.

The evidence was voluminous and clearly beyond the capacity of Mr. Gates to “compose”.

Your post is an example of the peculiar kind of pleading that gives Trump fans their reputation.


I don’t know how closely anybody directed Mueller. But yes, I do believe Mueller probably suborned perjury knowingly. Threaten a guy with life in prison and most will say anything you want him to say.

Since Manafort was twice investigated before with no indictment, it’s hard not to believe Gates made the difference this time.

But whatever the situation, I think justice died in America and doubt it will be reborn in my lifetime. The justice system at that level is just a political tool now and nothing more.


See above.

See above.


That’s quite a charge. Got anything in the way of facts to back it up, other than an outcome of his investigation that you don’t like?


Mueller wants Trump GONE.

No matter what he has to do.




You are, of course, aware that criminal convictions depend on intent. If you filed a bank loan application saying your house is worth $10,000 more than it really is, you haven’t committed a crime unless it can be said that you intended the overvaluation. Gates provided intent where two investigations before had not. Gates, of course, was being told by Mueller that he would spend his life in prison if he didn’t say “the right thing”. So, of course, he did. Most people would when it’s put to them.


The feds are very good at getting false testimony because even the smallest federal crime can carry a ridiculous sentence. I think I read Cohen may have faced 65 years in prison. Of course illegal aliens who murder people get far less time. Sometimes they get no time.

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