It's not easy to a priest



LOL that's a good one!


Thank you for posting this! I really enjoyed it; I laughed and cried the whole way through. It was healing and enlightening to hear about how good priests are trying to move forward with their calling despite the burden of the scandals and media campaign against the Church.


Very creative! Yes, at times it isn't easy....but as St. Paul says, 'I can do all things in HIM WHO STRENGTHENS ME.'


It is so true that it is not easy to be a priest. That is why I pray for our local parish priest all the time. May God Bless You! Thanks for sharing.



I love this!

It's done to the tune of Five For Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)".

FFF is the stage name of John Ondrasik. He has many awesome hits.


The Catholic Church is human and devine.

Priests are human and holy (hopefully). They have a special calling to help us on the road to salvation and most priests do a sterling job. They need our prayers.

I do believe that in this day and age it is so difficult for a priest not to be tempted:

  • Magazines with sex all over in our faces everywhere;
  • Billboards with lurid pictures;
  • Movies with sexy scenes which stir sexual feelings (often during times when children are watching);
  • Women who expose their breasts and even go to Church and to Holy Communion like that!
  • Women who throw themselves at men and what about priests?
  • We live in a country with a constitution that says we are free to practically think what we like and express all kind of views!
  • Promotion of gay sub-culture..... and so on and so forth.

What a world!

Pray for priests every day!


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